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UFC 100 Scraps: Is St. Pierre Up For The Bigger Challenge?

Georges St-PierreNow that the air has at least somewhat cleared around Brock Lesnar, it’s time to turn the spotlight over to who else but Georges St. Pierre.

Any fan worth their weight in pay-per-view dollars can tell you the problem “Rush” now faces after thoroughly cleaning out the 170lb division. Albeit this “problem” is probably the best (or worst, if you’re a cynical bastard) type that a fighter can have. Joining the ranks of Anderson Silva and BJ Penn to a whinier extent, Georges St. Pierre has simply performed too well for his own good, or at least division.

The GSP who still has to prove himself among the best in the world is officially gone. Here to stay is the French-Canadian world beater who utterly destroys everything in his path including the “toughest challenger yet”, a phrase which almost seems laughable in hindsight. Undeniably, there is just a massive talent gap between St. Pierre and every other struggling minnow in the welterweight pond. Some of those little fish may grow and mature enough to prove a formidable challenge to GSP one day, but not any time soon.

Generally speaking, I’ve never been too keen on the notion of St. Pierre indulging some extra coq au vin and testing the waters at middleweight. My reasoning, as St. Pierre himself has hinted before, is a simple matter of ounces and distribution. Now I sound like a drug dealer. Nevertheless, while GSP is obviously a physically terrifying welterweight, his height and lean body-type lead me to believe that he isn’t ideally equipped to hang with the fiercest shark in the 185 pound tank. I’m speaking of course about one particular predator, The Spider.

I’m not about to lie to you and state that I wouldn’t be all shades of curious to see how St. Pierre fares against some of the top dogs in the middleweight order. But without challenging Anderson Silva in the superfight to end all superfights, is GSP delving into middleweight once or twice even worth the trouble?

I say this because, as much as I like St. Pierre, I do not believe that he should bother challenging Anderson Silva. As great as GSP is, Silva is just a terrible, terrible match up for him. Though to be fair Anderson Silva is a terrible match up for just about everyone, however GSP makes no exception.

If it pleases the UFC to throw “Rush” into a couple MW contests to keep casual fans from forgetting his name while other welterweights develop, I’ll understand and tune in as usual. But I also won’t lose any sleep if GSP announces tomorrow that he’ll be staying at welterweight for the rest of his career. The man has already proved to the world all he needs to as one of the finest mixed martial artists to ever put on a pair of four once gloves. The determining question will surely be, is Georges St. Pierre content with a career that doesn’t include taking a crack at The Spider? We’ll find out soon enough…

In other musings:

-While were on the subject of St. Pierre, I couldn’t help noticing that between rounds Greg Jackson spoke to GSP like a fragile child on his first day of kindergarten. I don’t mean to mock the methodology because clearly, it works. But did anyone else find it just a bit unsettling to see a grown man address his fighter in such a matter? Maybe I’m just an insensitive jerk.

– Its funny how Dan Henderson, who readily admits that he knowingly went the extra mile (air bomb punch) on an unconscious Michael Bisping, gets so little flack for doing so- mostly because everyone hates Bisping and has a certain respect for Henderson. I guess I can’t really argue with that.

-Mark Coleman defeated Stephan Bonnar…legitimately…what? Yea, that just happened. I’ve watched the fight three times now, and three times I still can’t believe what I’m seeing. Does Coleman really have something left in the 44 year old tank or has Bonnar fallen off something awful? It could be a combination of both. But you’ve certainly piqued my curiosity, Mark.

– Its so common to criticize UFC judging yet they keep giving us the ammunition. A 30-27 call for Akiyama against Belcher, really? Was there a meth sale going down by the judging booth?

-I’m glad Jon Fitch proved that Paulo Thiago is good, but he ain’t that good.  Way to play mythbuster, Jon.

-I would really have loved to see any number of other fights on the UFC 100 telecast. Jones-O’Brien, Coleman-Bonnar or Danzig-Miller all would have done nicely. I know the ppv timing is a sticky science, but it was UFC 100, wasn’t it? Do we not get anything for our previous 99 events worth of good behavior?

-For some reason I could not receive UFC 100 in HD when I ordered it from Comcast. I called Comcast and they said it wasn’t being broadcast in HD and there was nothing that they or I could do. Anyone else have this problem? Should I just switch back to DirectTV?

-Lastly, in case you forgot, Bruce Buffer pulled off the once in a lifetime Buffer 360! Shake and bake!


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