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UFC’s Chris Weidman Says American Fans “Need to be a Little More Supportive of Our People”


As Chris Weidman continues to recover from a hand injury that pulled him from UFC 181, the middleweight champ has made some interesting comments about American fans.

Weidman, who hails from New York State, recently had this to say about the support U.S. fans lend their nation’s fighters on “The MMA Hour“.

“I feel like smaller countries, other countries, they cheer, they support their people no matter what,” Weidman said. “We need to get a little bit more supportive of our people.”

Weidman proceeded to argue that while he was in attendance at UFC 178 in Las Vegas, he noticed Ireland’s Conor McGregor received more support than American’s own, Dustin Poirier.

“For him to have so many more fans than Poirier, over here in America, I mean, Americans are cheering for him and then you have all these Irish guys coming over cheering for him too,” Weidman said. “So America is the one country that, they don’t cheer for their own. They won’t just stick with Americans. I feel like Americans need to get better with that.”

Of course, part of the reason for that was because a ton of Irish fans reportedly attended the event, but Weidman believes American fans could do a better job of supporting their own.

Whether you agree with Weidman or not, in terms of whether U.S. fans do a good job of supporting American fans, it’s interesting to hear him speak out on the issue. Of course, some fans may question whether you should cheer for a fighter based on their nationality period.

All this aside, Weidman is certainly one of the better fighters to come out of the U.S. no? After all, we are talking about a man who is currently ranked #5 in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, and has defeated the legendary Anderson Silva twice.

Since turning pro in 2009, the 30 year-old Weidman has won 12 straight fights.

The “All-American” is expected to fight Brazil’s Vitor Belfort sometime in early 2015, possibly in February.


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