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Must See Video: Worst Fouls in MMA II

Must See Video: Worst Fouls in MMA II

If you enjoy cringing, dropping your jaw frequently, or saying W’TF repeatedly, then chances are you’ll watch the video below…

The “Montage King” has released the second “Worst Fouls in MMA” video, which features plenty of memorable moments from the UFC, PRIDE and some other promotions.

While you may have seen highlight reels before of fouls, etc, this one is cleverly cut together and features more than a few well placed sound effects and edits.

For example, if you’ve criticized Jon Jones in the past for his habit of leaving his fingers extended, which in turn wind up in an opponent’s eye socket, then you’ll likely enjoy this reel.

Some of the fouls the video covers are groin shots (naturally), fence grabbing, eye poking and strikes to the back of the head.

Now have it.


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