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UFC Plans July 31 Press Conference For Major Announcements

UFC President Dana WhiteThe UFC will soon make several major announcements, according to UFC President Dana White, who said during a charity radio appearance on ESPN 11oo in Las Vegas on Friday that the promotion will hold a press conference on July 31 to announce “a lot of crazy things”.

The UFC could use the press conference to offer additional details on its recently-announced “collaboration” with Affliction, with the latest reports suggesting that the UFC is “likely to absorb the contracts of all Affliction fighters except [Fedor] Emelianenko”.

A deal to air UFC events on ESPN or ABC is also not out of the question to be announced at the presser, with White saying during his radio appearance that ESPN executive John Skipper attended UFC 100 earlier this month, leading to speculation that deal could be in the works to bring MMA to the networks.

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[Pictured: UFC President Dana White]


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