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UFC 179: Jose Aldo Weighs in on Whether Beef With Chad Mendes Can be Squashed


Sure Jose Aldo has referred to Chad Mendes as a “piece of s–t”, and the two have openly quarrelled in recent weeks, but apparently the featherweight champ will be ready to put that aside once their fight is over.

Yes, Aldo and Mendes will finally have their rematch tomorrow night at UFC 179, which will end a pre-fight run up that has featured plenty of trash talk (and a highly publicized shove…).

While there’s been some debate as to how intense their beef actually is, more recently, the consensus has been that the two truly don’t care for one another.

Well, in a recent interview with MMA Radio, Aldo had this to say, while discussing whether he’ll be able to ready to move on once the rematch is done.

“Yeah, I don’t see a problem,” Aldo said. “Once the fight’s over, it’s back to normal. Leading up to the fight, there’s a rivalry, and everyone wants to get in there and fight, but once it’s over, I really don’t see a problem.”

How about that? Looks like their could be some handshakes on Saturday night after all huh? Barring, of course, any controversial rulings and or nasty fouls etc…

Now, Aldo may be willing to forgive and forget, but Mendes likely won’t care for the following statement. When the champ was asked, yet again, whether he thinks Mendes has improved since their first encounter in 2012, here is what Aldo said:

“Everyone’s always looking to evolve, but I haven’t been able to see it,” he said. “We haven’t seen him face a striker, so I haven’t been able to see where he got better. I do think his confidence has gotten a lot better; he’s gotten four wins, but the evolution part and getting better, I haven’t been able to see it.”

Mendes, of course, sees it a completely way. The Team Alpha Male fighter contends Aldo is in for a “rude awakening” on Saturday, thanks to the improvements he’s made in his striking and overall game.

The reality is that both guys have improved since 2012. Now we’ll get to see how those improvements will play out on Saturday night.

UFC 179 will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will be available via pay-per-view in North America.


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