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Instant Replay and Five-Round Non-Title Fights Among Possible MMA Rules Changes in Nevada

Georges St-PierreThe Nevada State Athletic Commission is set to vote on August 17 on several notable changes to its mixed martial arts rules, including the ability to use instant replay to review injuries.

According to the proposed amendment, a referee may view a replay to determine if an injury suffered during a fight was caused by a legal blow or a foul. If caused by a legal strike, the injured fighter will be ruled to have lost the contest via technical knockout, but if the injury was caused by a foul it is up to the referee to determine whether it was intentional or unintentional and proceed according to the established rules.

Other proposed amendments include the ability to have non-title fights “which the [NSAC] considers to be a special event” extended from three rounds to five, which is currently only reserved for championship fights, as well as adding “Applying any foreign substance to the hair or body that could result in an advantage.” to the list of fouls.

Allowing non-title fights to be five-rounders offers flexibility to the UFC and other promotions in booking non-championship main events, as they can now be extended to five rounds to match the duration of title bouts. The most-obvious uses for the change include non-title headliners and co-main events, though it could also be used to book five-round superfights between division champions without a title needing to be on the line.

The new foul, the 37th on the list of fouls that also includes headbutting, eye gouging, and hair pulling, is a result of “Greasegate” in January at UFC 94 when Vaseline was applied to the shoulders and back of Georges St-Pierre during his fight with BJ Penn.

The complete list of proposed rules changes can be read on the commission’s official website.

[Pictured: Georges St-Pierre]


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