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UFC 179 Prelims: Play-by-Play

UFC 179

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host UFC 179 tonight, and in addition to the highly anticipated bout between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, the card will feature several interesting scraps.

Not surprisingly, the prelims will showcase several Brazilian fighters, as well as vets like Scott Jorgensen and Naoyuki Kotani.

Let’s get to the action shall we…

Fabricio Camoes vs. Tony Martin

Round 1: Both lightweights come out circling, throwing the odd punch, before Martin takes Camoes to the ground. Martin is attempting to pass but is caught in half guard. Martin starts working a kimura on the BJJ blackbelt and passes. Camoes is grimacing, is attempting to fight through it, but eventually taps.

Impressive victory for Martin, who records the submission at 4:16 of round one.

Gilbert Burns vs. Christos Giagos

Round 1: Giagos throws a couple of hard rights to begin the fight, before Burns accidentally goes low with a kick. The lightweights exchange some strikes before Burns explodes into a double leg takedown. Burns works from the position with Giagos up against the fence. Burns passes into full mount, and Giagos almost works his way out, before Burns spins to his back.

Giagos stands up, attempts to shrug Burns off, but it doesn’t work. Burns rolls into a beautifully executed armbar which forces Giagos to tap. Burns lives up the jiu-jitsu guru hype and then some…

Gilbert Burns def. Christos Giagos def. Submission (armbar) R1, 4:57

Andre Fili vs. Felipe Arantes

Round 1: Both featherweights come out firing punches and kicks, and Fili backs Arantes up with a right. The fight spills to the mat with Fili on top. The Team Alpha Male fighter lands a few shots from above but Arantes springs to his feet, takes Fili down, and passes into mount. Arantes is tossing elbows from above but Fili transitions out from below.

They work their way to the feet and start throwing strikes. Fili appears to have a cut above his right eye. Fili throws several hard shots but eats a counter right. Arantes covers up as Fili tosses knees from the clinch. Round comes to an end after Fili takes Arantes to the floor. Great round of action.

Round 2: Arantes sweeps Fili to the mat not long into the round, but Fili executes a beautiful sweep. The latter lands somes punches and elbows from half guard, but Arantes transitions with a leg lock attempt and takes top position. As the two battle, Fili lands an up-kick to the face of Arantes.

Fight resumes, and after a scramble, Arantes takes top position. Fili pushes his way back to his feet and quickly shoots in with a successful takedown. Fili lands some punches from above. Another sweet, action filled round comes to an end.

Round 3: The two exchange strikes before Arantes goes for a guillotine choke. Fili pops head out and is working from the top. Fili works his way into sidemount but Arantes scrambles out as the featherweight goes for a choke. Fighters work their way back to their feet. Arantes pushes Fili up against the fence and gets the takedown. Brazilian lands a few elbows from above but Fili nearly catches him with an armbar. In ensuing scramble, Fili gets the takedown and is working inside Arantes’ guard. Final bell sounds.

Andre Fili def. Felipe Arantes via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Scott Jorgensen vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: The flyweights come out throwing shots, and after Reis lands a left hook, Jorgensen appears to flatten Reis with a right hand. The latter quickly works his way back to his feet. Reis shoots in for a takedown but Jorgensen sprawls nicely. Reis lands a hard body kick, takes Jorgensen to the mat, and starts throwing bombs from above. Reis quickly moves into an arm-triangle-choke and Jorgensen taps. Fantastic performance from Reis.

Wilson Reis def. Scott Jorgensen via Submission (arm-triangle-choke) R1, 3:28

Yan Cabral vs. Naoyuki Kotani

Round 1: Kotani lands a left leg kick to begin the fight. Cabral throws a head kick but misses. Cabral clinches up and attempts to sweep Kotani to the mat, but the lightweight reverses and winds up on top. Kotani lands a few lefts but Cabral gets back to his feet. Kotani throws a kick but slips to the mat and Cabral starts working to pass. Kotani appears to have a cut above his left eye as a result of Cabral’s strikes from above.

Round 2: Cabral lands a stiff right early on and begins working from the clinch.  Cabral eventually sweeps the Judo black belt to the mat, and is attempting to take Kotani’s back. The latter defends, but is eventually swept to the floor again, and Cabral secures a fight ending, rear-naked-choke.

Yan Cabral def. Naoyuki Kotani via Submission (rear-naked-choke) R2, 3:06

William Macario vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Both men come out aggressively, firing strikes. Macario shrugs off one of Magny’s early shots and taunt tells him to keep coming. Magny lands a couple of rights but Macario fires back not long after. Macario is winging hard hooks but isn’t landing. Magny plants a couple of nice jabs. The Brazilian lands a hard left to the body and briefly takes Magny down.

Round 2: Magny keeps busy with the jab as round begins. Macario continues to burst in with hooks. Macario explodes in once more while throwing hard punches. Magny attempts to shoot in but Macacrio sprawls. The latter lands a few hard knees to the body but Magny gets up and sweeps Macario to the ground. Magny passes into full mount. The American postures up and chucks punches from above.

Round 3: Magny lands a jab and a right cross. Magny is offering more shots and lands a leg kick. Magny rushes in, lands a right hand and takes Macario to the mat. Magny is throwing elbows to the body from half guard, and then stands up. Magny moves into full mount and continues to rain down shots from the top. Fight is brought to a halt as Magny punishes Macario from above. Magny has now won five straight fights in 2014. That’s quite the year.

Neil Magny def. William Macario via TKO (strikes) R3, 2:40


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