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Further Confirmation of PRIDE Deal, a very reputable and relibale MMA news outlet, has confirmed with their sources that a deal has indeed been reach for Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta to purchase the MMA promotion. This is an agreement and not a signed contract so nothing is finalized but here is what has been uncovered as to the specifics of the deal:

“…the purchase is believed to include fighter contracts, Pride’s video library, and the Pride FC name brand. The issue of fighter contracts is one of the more touchy points, as there can be variables in each individual contract that will have to be dealt with, and no information has come forth that states which fighters would be included.”

The article also states that Nobuyuki Sakikabara, the President & CEO Of PRIDE’s current owner Dream Stage Entertainment is making a trip to the US with regards to the deal, possibly to announce it sometime in the coming days.

Other rumors I have heard vary from their being a falling out between PRIDE owners and the Fertitta’s and this deal is off to PRIDE being sold to another buyer. Right now nothing is official and is purely speculation with some solid rumors mixed in.

As soon as more news comes out I will have it up ASAP.

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