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UFC: Luke Rockhold Offers “Straight Up” Answer as to Why Michael Bisping Has so Many Rivalries

Kelsey Mowatt

Michael Bisping

Not only has Michael Bisping been involved in so many memorable fights because he’s been a top middleweight for years, but it’s also because so many of his fights have a ton of pre-fight drama and trash talk. Yes, now that Chael Sonnen is out of the fight game, Bisping and Conor McGregor could very well be the most gifted self promoters in the UFC…

Currently, of course, Bisping and Luke Rockhold continue to heighten one of the best beefs in the sport, as their November 8th fight approaches. Their rivalry has been going on for quite some time now, and it’s all coming to a head at UFC Fight Night 55 in Australia.

Recently Rockhold spoke to MMA about Bisping, and the former Strikeforce champ was asked why he thinks “The Count” has been involved in so many feuds. Here is some of what Rockhold had to say:

“There’s genuine dislike, for me at least, for Michael,” Rockhold said. “I don’t like the way the guy carries himself. I don’t get too emotional. I don’t really get into these bickering wars with most people, unless I don’t like somebody. There have really only been two guys I’ve gone at it with, and that’s (Bisping) and Vitor (Belfort)…

“Because he’s a prick and most people don’t like him,” Rockhold said. “I think that’s it, straight up.”

Now don’t hold anything back there Luke…Of course, the latter is not the first fighter or fan to assign such a term to Bisping, who it should be noted, also has a considerable amount of supporters (yes, particularly in his native England).

Bisping is also featured in the aforementioned report, and the 35 year-old also offered this hilarious comment, when asked about his propensity for rivalries:

“One does start to question oneself,” Bisping said. “It makes me wonder if I am truly an as-hole.”

Nice. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no question that Bisping is among the very best at getting people invested in his fights.

The upcoming scrap with Rockhold is a massively important one. If Bisping loses to the #5 ranked Rockhold, his hopes of making another title run will be seriously set back. Likewise for Rockhold, of course, but he’s five years younger than the 35 year-old Bisping.

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