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Georges St-Pierre Explains Why Nick Diaz Has Made a “Mistake” in Fighting Anderson Silva


If there was ever any doubts as to whether Nick Diaz is down to fight pretty much anybody, they should of all been punted when it was announced he’ll fight Anderson Silva at UFC 183. After all, not only is Silva the consensus G.O.A.T., he’s a middleweight, and not  a small one at that. Diaz has primarily fought at 170 pounds throughout his career…

While this angle is just another reason why so many people are stoked to the see the scrap, Georges St-Pierre believes Diaz has made an error, in agreeing to fight Silva at 185.

The former welterweight champ, who fought Diaz for 25 minutes in 2013 and earned a decision win, appeared on the latest episode of Chael Sonnen’s “You’re Welcome” podcast. While discussing the upcoming Silva-Diaz fight, here is some of what GSP had to say (quotes via MMA

“To tell you the truth, I would maybe favor Diaz if the fight had been at a catchweight,” St-Pierre said.”Because if it is a five-round, Diaz is a very durable fighter. I have seen him in a lot of trouble and he is very, very hard to finish.”

“Now it is different because it is in Anderson Silva’s weight class,” St-Pierre furthered. “Which I believe Diaz made a mistake at accepting that fight at 185 instead of, I think he should have made a catchweight would have been more fair.”

Now before Diaz boosters jump all over St-Pierre’s comments, the renowned fighter is certainly not alone in this assessment. In fact, one would have to be somewhat clueless, if they were to argue that Silva won’t have a decisive size and power advantage. Look at what he’s done to some light-heavyweights.

Does this mean Diaz has no chance? Of course not. As GSP noted:

“I believe that in the early part of the fight that Silva will have an advantage. But if Diaz can survive will weather the storm, I believe he can come back strong at the end, the last part of the fight, maybe the fourth and fifth round.”

It’s a fascinating fight on so many levels, and if Diaz wins the bout, the MMA world will be buzzing and then some for days…

UFC 183 will be hosted by a venue to-be-determined in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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