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“Shogun” Rua Not Calling For Scrap With Anderson Silva But Not Opposed to It


When the UFC recently announced that Anderson Silva and “Shogun” Rua were going to be the next coaches for TUF Brazil, for a short while, some folks likely celebrated thinking the two were going to fight. Not long after, the UFC confirmed that would not be the case, but it turns out it’s not because Rua is opposed to the idea.

Since Rua and Silva are former teammates under the Chute Boxe banner, many people probably just assumed the coaches weren’t going to fight, as is the usual custom when the season concludes. Well, in a follow up story from MMA, “Shogun” revealed he’d consider fighting Silva, if the UFC wanted him to.

Here is some of what the former light-heavyweight champ had to say:

“I never even thought about fighting him,” Rua said through an interpreter. “He’s a guy that I started out training with, and the UFC didn’t consider it, so I didn’t think about it.”

“I never said I wouldn’t fight him,” Rua said. “It’s something I’m not looking forward to. I’m not making an effort. But if the UFC suggested that, then I would.”

Now as it stands right now, this is a fight that only makes sense from a financial perspective (and yes, cue cash drawer opening sound). Rua continues to fight at light-heavyweight, and while Silva has also fought at 205, he’s said recently that he wants to make another title run at 185. So, unless Rua decides to drop to middleweight, or Silva changes his mind about pursuing the belt, then the fight doesn’t make sense…except for the fact that it would sell a tee-un of tickets in Brazil and would be a serious ‘needle mover’ in terms of ratings.

While it seems clear the UFC is not looking to match up the two any ways, things might change, depending on what goes down in their upcoming fights. Rua is set to face Ovince St. Preux at UFC FN 56 this Saturday, and Silva will throw down with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on January 31st.

Now if both men were to lose their fights, would the UFC consider having them fight then? Perhaps. At that juncture, the title run prospects of both men would definitely be on the back burner, and it could represent a big pay day for Silva, Rua and the promotion.


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