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“Mad” Glover Teixeira Discusses Loss to Phil Davis, Says Weight Cut Cost Him Bout


This time last year, Glover Teixeira was firmly positioned a the top of the UFC’s light-heavyweight rankings, thanks to an awe inspiring  20 fight win streak and a 5-0 run in the UFC. As 2014 nears it’s end, however, the punishing striker has dropped out of the ranking’s top five, after losing consecutive fights to champion Jon Jones, and most recently Phil Davis.

While many observers predicted that Jones would be too much for Teixeira, not nearly as many believed Davis would defeat the renowned fighter. Early on at UFC 179, it looked like Teixeira’s takedown defence and feared hands would win out, but the decorated wrestler remained calm and ultimately took over the fight. It was a big and important win for Davis, who moved into the division’s #5 ranking as a result.

So how does Teixeira feel about the loss now? A few weeks removed from the fight? Well, the 35 year-old recently told MMA that he’s “mad” about the defeat, and that further, he wants to get back to hitting “people with bad intentions.”

More specifically, however, Teixeira says he put on a lot of weight after he was decisioned by Jones in April, and injured his shoulder in the bout. According to the Brazilian, he put on so much weight he had to turn down an opportunity to fight in September. Here is some of what Teixeira had to say about his weight gain, and the subsequent weight cut he had to endure:

“I did make the weight (at UFC 179) because I’m a professional, and that’s my job. I did make the weight, but I knew I was killing my body. I knew I was not feeling good cutting the weight. I was worried about something happening. You dehydrate so much, and you worry about something happening. I went over there, and I made the weight, but it cost me that fight.”

“I feel bad to talk about the fight like that. I feel bad for Davis. But that’s what I think it is. I think it cost me that fight. I was 100 percent prepared, and I felt tired in the first two or three minutes in the fight.”

Of course, Davis boosters will likely argue the outcome would have been the same…That aside, Teixeira says he intends to keep the weight off this time around and he also credited Davis for fighting a “good fight.”

Now it remains to be seen when and who the UFC books Teixeira to fight next. Since Rashad Evans recently reported he won’t be ready to fight until March or so, maybe that’s a match-up the UFC might look at?


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