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UFC FN 55: Prelims Play-By-Play


UFC Fight Night 55 is set to go in Sydney, Australia, and the card will feature a long awaited, grudge match between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping in the main event.

The prelims kick off at 7:00 PM/ET and will see the likes of Anthony Perosh, Sam Alvey, Louis Smolka and Dan Kelly, among others.

Let’s get to the action shall we?

Marcus Brimage  vs. Jumabieke Tuerxun 

Both bantamweight come out pawing with their jabs, tring to find  their range. Each man is staying fairly busy but not much is landing. Brimage lands a high kick right on the tip of Tuerxun’s chin and he crashes back into the cage, out cold!

Marcus Brimage def. Jumabieke Tuerxun via KO (head kick) R1, 2:58

Daniel Kelly vs. Luke Zachrich 

Kelly is pursuing Zachrich early on, and it looks like he’s looking to clinch up. Zachrich is countering with some nicely timed punches. Kelly has a bloody nose 90 seconds in. The Australian lands a nice left but Zachrich continues to counter. Zachrich shoots in for a takedown but Kelly sprawls nicely. Kelly shoots in along the fence but is unable to take Zachrich down. Kelly clinches up and throws a barrage of uppercuts, before tripping Zachrich to the mat. The Judoka is trying to pass Zachrich’s half guard and is also working a kimura. Zachrich is forced to tap and the crowd roars.

That’s two, first round finishes to kick off the card.

Daniel Kelly def. Luke Zachrich via submission (kimura) R1, 4:27

Chris Clements vs. Vik Grujic 

Clements throws a leg kick right away, Grujic catches it, and sweeps the welterweight to the mat. Clements spins out and gets back to his feet. Grujic has Clements up against the fence, and is looking for a takedown, but can’t secure it. Fighters break away from the fence and Clements lands a hard, right straight. The two are clinched up, but Clements lands a stunning knee to the head. Grujic is rocked, and as he’s backing up, Clements lands several more brutal shots. After Grujic crumples to the mat the fight is stopped.

Yet another first round stoppage…

Chris Clements def. Vik Grujic via TKO (strikes) R1, 3:06

Louis Smolka vs. Richie Vaculik 

Vaculik lands a couple of stunning shots early on which prompts Smolka to look for a takedown. Vaculik defends and lands a few more hard shots. Smolka threatens with an uppercut but the Australian fires back. Each flyweight is winging shots. Smolka has a bloody nose. Vaculik punishes Smolka with an inside leg kick. The latter throws a high kick but Vaculik ducks underneath and takes Smolka down. In the scramble, Vaculik goes for a guillotine choke but Smolka escapes. The fantastic round ends.

Round 2: Smolka comes out firing punches and a leg kick, but eats a jab. The two continue to fire away punches and Smolka attempts a flying knee. Vaculik lands a hard uppercut. Smolka throws an axe kick but Vaculik once again seizes the opportunity to take him down. Vaculik starts working a rear-naked-choke but loses position. Smolka is working from the top but Vaculik gets back to his feet. They continue to exchange strikes. Vaculik lands a right hand but Smolka keeps firing back. Smolka attempts yet another flying knee but winds up on his back. Round ends.

Round 3: Smolka floors Vaculik with a side kick to the chin moments into the round. Vaculik attempts to get back up but is greeted by shots from Smolka. The ref jumps in to save Vaculik from more punishment. What a finish.

Louis Smolka def. Richie Vaculik via TKO (kick and punches) R3, 0:18

Sam Alvey vs. Dylan Andrews 

Andrews throws a couple of leg kicks to start the action. Alvey charges in throwing punches but Andrews shoots in with a beautifully timed takedown. Andrews passes to sidemount and then mount, but Alvey explodes back to his feet. Andrews attempts sweeping Alvey to the mat but the latter lands right on top of him. Alvey spins around into mount and knocks Andrews out with a brutal series of punches. Wow.

Sam Alvey def. Dylan Andrews via KO (punches) R1, 2:16

Guto Inocente vs. Anthony Perosh

Inocente throws a head kick early on but misses. Perosh steps and secures the clinch, and eventually gets Inocente to the mat. Perosh lands a few right hands from above. The decorated jiu-jitsu competitor passes into mount but Inocente recovers half guard. Perosh passes again and Inocente gives up his back. Perosh is hurling down shots from above. The Australian locks in the rear-naked-choke and forces Inocente to tap. Very impressive performance for “The Hippo”.

Anthony Perosh def. Guto Inocente via submission (rear-naked-choke) R1, 3:46

Jake Matthews vs. Vagner Rocha

Matthews eats a jab early on but keeps pursuing Rocha. The Australian is winging some hard shots but Rocha is defending. The two briefly clinch up against the fence, break away, and then return to it. Matthews throws some hard shots as the two break but none of them land. Rocha takes a low blow but the action is only momentarily stopped. In the ensuing action, Matthews shoots in for a takedown, but Rocha defends with a kimura attempt. The opening round concludes.

Round 2: Matthews tosses a hard right overhand early into the round which buzzes the crowd. Rocha is pushing forward. Matthews lands a Superman Punch and takes the fight to the ground, From there, the lightweight secures a rear-naked-choke which leaves Rocha unconscious. The night of finishes continues.

Jake Matthews def. Vagner Rocha via technical submission (rear-naked-choke) R2, 1:52


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