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Georges St-Pierre Discusses Johny Hendricks-Robbie Lawler II, Future in Fighting

Georges St. Pierre

On this day last year, the MMA world was still reeling from Georges St-Pierre’s revelation, that the now former champ was stepping away from fighting. If you recall, it was on November 16th, 2013, when GSP worked his way to a controversial decision over Johny Hendricks, and then proceeded to announce he was taking a break. How time flies no?

Well, here were are, one year later, and now Hendricks is getting set to rematch Robbie Lawler on December 6th at UFC 181. So who does St-Pierre like in the rematch? Does he think Hendricks will once again defeat Lawler? And hang on to the belt that GSP held for so very long?

Well, recently MMA Canada caught up with the Canadian star, and here is some of what GSP had to say about Hendricks-Lawler II (quotes via MMA

“The first fight was very close. They gave it to Hendricks. I thought, personally, Hendricks won the fight, but a lot of people believe Lawler won. This time, I don’t know. Hendricks was out for a long time, but if he keeps that same explosiveness … I think he kind of lost it in his fight with Lawler. He didn’t look as powerful as he normally was. The good old Johny Hendricks as he’s always been, I believe Hendricks is supposed to win.”

Of course, St-Pierre was asked about his future, and whether he will return to the Octagon. Although there’s a been a lot of speculation lately that the 33 year-old will fight again in 2015, if that’s true, GSP is doing a good job of keeping it under wraps.

“People ask me, ‘Are you coming back?’ I just don’t know,” said St-Pierre. “Right now, I just came back from a knee injury, I took a break, had the knee injury, just came back from rehab. It’s time for me to enjoy my life. Training, do it for fun. We’ll see. I need some time.”

If GSP does come back, it’s going to make for an even more stacked 2015 campaign. Anderson Silva returns to action on January 31st.

The welterweight also relayed in the interview that he needs to learn how to move more effectively, and not put his ACL at risk. St-Pierre has now undergone two re-constructive surgeries for his ACL.

“Rush” had won 12 straight fights when he elected to vacate the welterweight title and step away from competition.


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