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Ricardo Lamas Says Conor McGregor’s Team is Asking UFC to Protect Him From Wrestlers


Ricardo Lamas has taken verbal shots at Conor McGregor in the past, but following his ‘it’s over already?’ win over Dennis Bermudez at UFC 180, “The Bully” has really  ramped up his attacks.

For example, not long after Lamas tapped out Bermudez on November 15th, the featherweight relayed he wants to go through McGregor, on his way to another title shot. In addition, Lamas argued that McGregor shouldn’t get tapped for a title fight with champion Jose Aldo, until he fights a “wrestler like me.”

Well, in a more recent interview with MMA Radio, Lamas took it up a notch by stating (quote via MMA

“He’s had a lot of smart things to say on Twitter, and that didn’t go unnoticed by me, so it’s time for the UFC to give him a wrestler and stop protecting him from wrestlers,” Lamas said. “Maybe give his people to stop asking the UFC to not match him up with wrestlers.”

How about them apples? Of course, plenty of fans and other top 145’ers have opined that McGregor hasn’t thrown down with a top tier wrestler yet, but Lamas may be the first to argue the Irish fighter’s team has outright asked to avoid them.

Now, all the wrestler talk aside, Lamas did say he understands why McGregor is getting a big push and is making some nice money as a result.

“McGregor does a good job of marketing himself, and he does bring in the numbers for pay-per-view buys,” he said. “The guy has an entire country behind him, so that makes a huge difference. The UFC is a business, and if you make them money, they’re going to make you money.”

Yes indeedy. Let’s not forget that Chael Sonnen got tapped for a title shot at 205, not long after he had been defeated for a second time by former middleweight king, Anderson Silva.

Unfortunately for Lamas and his fans, chances are he won’t be the next man to face McGregor, if the latter takes out Dennis Siver on January 18th. Although, if McGregor has trouble getting past Siver, and Cub Swanson storms through Frankie Edgar at UFC FN 57, you just never know…

Since joining the UFC in 2011, Lamas has gone 6-1, and the well rounded fighter has also defeated Swanson during that stretch.


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