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Kenny Florian Says Georges St-Pierre Maybe “Scared” to Fight Anderson Silva But…

Georges St. Pierre

Although most folks closed the book on the prospect of a scrap between Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva long ago, talk about that ‘superfight’  has resurfaced, since the latter will face Nick Diaz on January 31st.

Recently, St-Pierre relayed that in his opinion, Diaz made a mistake by agreeing to fight Silva at 185. GSP also credited Diaz for his abilities, and argued his former foe could still win the fight, but the comments angered the Stockton fighter nonetheless (although Diaz may not have been presented all of St-Pierre’s thoughts on the match-up).

Diaz has fired back at GSP by saying the former welterweight champ was “scared” to fight Silva, and that further, the Canadian shouldn’t weigh in on the bout since he’s not involved. So, is Diaz right? Did GSP duck Silva because he was afraid?

Well, UFC commentator and retired fighter Kenny Florian was recently asked to weigh-in on the issue, while appearing on the latest edition of “UFC Tonight.” Here is some of what the accomplished veteran had to say (quotes via MMA

“Any champion or fighter always wants the odds to be in their favor,” Florian said. “For him to go up in weight at 185 pounds and fight a guy like Anderson Silva who many consider the greatest of all time, well, I think it’s a smart decision by Georges. Georges wanted to fight more at a catchweight of 175 (pounds), maybe even 170 pounds, where it would be in his favor.

“So is GSP scared? Yes, and that’s also what made him one of the best champions of all time.”

Pretty hard to disagree with that. When GSP and Silva were both ruling the welterweight and middleweight divisions respectively, St-Pierre said he would fight Silva, but that doing so would end his run at 170.

At the time, GSP said he would have to pack on extra weight and muscle, before he would entertain fighting the much bigger Silva. St-Pierre pointed to the fact, and understandably so, that Silva walks around at well over 200 pounds before cutting to 185.

St-Pierre took a lot of heat for not just signing off on a ‘superfight’ with Silva, but since the critics weren’t the ones who would be swapping fist and kicks with the consensus G.O.A.T., it was pretty easy to jump on the welterweight. Of course, after saying all that, it just shows how ridiculously bad ass Mr. Diaz is no? Even if Silva’s best years are likely behind him and he’s coming off a considerable layoff, agreeing to fight “The Spider” at middleweight is one brave thing to do. Even if, aside from physical harm of course, Diaz has very little to lose.

Silva-Diaz will headline UFC 183, which will go down on January 31st in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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