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UFC 183: Nick Diaz Questions Why he Fought “Mediocre” Opponents in The Past

Nick Diaz

Even if you’re not a Nick Diaz fan, one can’t deny that he remains one of the sport’s most fascinating (and toughest) fighters. Not only is Diaz known for speaking his mind, but often the manner in which he does so, is a mesmerizing journey in of itself.

Of course, now that Diaz is booked to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 183, fans have been getting to see a lot more of the accomplished fighter, following a year plus period where he was seldom heard from.

Following Diaz’s decision loss to Georges St-Pierre in March, 2013, the fighter said he might be done with fighting. Eventually, however, he inked a new deal with the UFC, and got the big fight with Silva (which he had long been calling for).

Recently, the 31 year-old appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and Diaz offered this interesting take on his new deal, and some of the previous fights he’s participated in (quote via MMA

“I mean, I wasn’t going to walk out of there with something I wasn’t happy with,” Diaz said . “So I just, you know, I was able to score a deal I can’t refuse. That’s how I look at it.

“I look back and think about why did I take one of these, you know, mediocre level opponents or fights, or something like that. I could see myself going, I didn’t need to do that, I didn’t need to go there. I’m not fanatical or in love with being an MMA fighter. It’s just, I’m the right guy for the job nowadays. Pretty much after my first couple pro fights I wound up being the right guy for the job, so that’s why I’m still here, and I’ll fight the right fights if I have the opportunity.”

Diaz apparently didn’t get into who he was talking about specifically, in terms of ‘mediocre’ opponents, and since he’s fought nearly 40 times it might be tough to guess who he was referring to (although I’m sure avid MMA fans could come up with some fairly solid guesses).

After Diaz was stopped by KJ Noons (due to a cut) in 2007, the renowned fighter went on a massive tear and won 11 straight fights. The Stockton fighter competed for the likes of Elite XC, Dream, and Strikeforce.

Of course, mediocrity won’t be an issue when he steps into the Octagon on January 31st to throw down with former middleweight champ, Anderson Silva.┬áThe UFC 183 headliner will be hosted by a venue to be determined in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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