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UFC’s Dana White Talks Return of Brock Lesnar, Possibility of Signing CM Punk

Dana White

You may be wondering if you’ve stumbled onto a pro wrestling site, based off the above headline, but yes sir and or ma’am, this is indeed MMA

Of course, UFC President Dana White has been fielding questions about the possible return of Brock Lesnar for some time, since the pro wrestler won the UFC heavyweight title, and also made the promotion a ton of cash while doing so.

Following his bout with diverticulitis, and his highlight reel loss to Alistair Overeem, Lesnar said his MMA career was done, and he headed back to the WWE. More recently, however, there’s been a ton of speculation as to whether he might return to fighting.

Well, TMZ Sports recently asked White about Lesnar, and whether he’s interested in bringing the wrestling star back. The UFC boss man responded (quote via MMA

“I have a great relationship with Brock,” White said. “He’s with the WWE doing his thing. If and when his deal is up with them and he wants to fight, I’m sure he’ll call me.”

No surprises there really. Where things got interesting in the quick, street interview, was when White got asked about CM Punk.

Who’s that? The person who knows absolutely nothing about pro rasslin? (Which is totally fine…) He is one of wrestling’s biggest names, who trains in jiu-jitsu, and is a big fan of MMA.

White offered this comment, when asked about Punk, who is reportedly on the outs with the WWE:

“He is a big fan,” White said “I like him very much. He’s a great dude. I don’t know if he can fight or anything like that, but sure. I wouldn’t mind talking to CM Punk.”

Now sure, the chances that we’ll see CM Punk in the Octagon anytime soon are slim and none, but the fact White didn’t outright dismiss it, is evidence of just how big a name the wrestler is. Punk would move some pay-per-view buys and then some, even if his talent level wasn’t on par with the entire UFC roster.

Lesnar, however, could be back, if the money’s right and he’s indeed healthy, and eager to fight again.


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