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UFC 181: Brendan Schaub Takes Verbal Blast From Edmond Tarverdyan, After Recent Gym Comments

Brendan Schaub

Remember when Brendan Schaub took a jab at the Glendale Fighting Club recently, by saying he was “glad” UFC 181 opponent, Travis Browne is training there? Well, the gym’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan was recently asked about the comments, and it seems like they didn’t go over very well.

Schaub appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast a little while back, and discussed the fact that Browne had left Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, to go train with the Glendale gym, where Ronda Rousey also prepares for fights. At the time,the heavyweight relayed:

“Listen, I came to [Los Angeles] and switched things up. Obviously, I know Ronda very well and I know that camp pretty well. I’m not going to go into detail but I think it’s a great thing for me that he’s training there. I’ll put it like that. I think it’s a good thing for me.”

Tarverdyan recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and when he was reportedly asked about Schaub’s comments, the coach responded by saying (quote via MMA

“Honestly, somebody asked me if he can fight,” Tarverdyan said. “I think he can’t fight for s—. That’s what I think.”

Yikes. Now, clearly some folks would disagree with Tarverdyan, or will argue he’s just saying that, but the renowned instructor continued with this assessment of Schaub’s bout with Andrei Arlovski.

“I didn’t see anything special,” Tarverydan said. “Nothing really happened to the guy. A heavyweight punching on the ground, you have to do some damage, you know what I mean? There’s other fighters out there in the 135-pound division, even Ronda, when she hits someone on the ground it’s totally different.”

Certainly, few people, if any, would point to that UFC 174 scrap as a compelling performance for either Arlovski or Schaub.

So, it clearly looks like there’s a bit of heat now tied to this Saturday’s Schaub-Browne scrap. When Browne was asked about Schaub’s comments in October, he stated:

“Honestly, I don’t want to knock him out,” Browne said. “I want him to feel what it feels like to go three rounds with me. I’ll tell you right now. This guy, a lot of people don’t rub me the wrong way, but opinions are like a**holes and you need to keep them to yourself. That’s exactly what he needs to do.”

All the talk aside, it’s a huge fight for both men. Browne is looking to rebound from his unanimous decision loss to Fabricio Werdum, and retain his #3 ranking.

Schaub, on the other hand, is looking to get back on track after his tightly contested / controversial defeat to Arlovski. If Schaub can take out Browne, then he will jump up into the top 15 rankings, and possibly even the top 10.

UFC 181 will be hosted by the Mandlay Bay Events Cneter in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will feature welterweight champ Johny Hendricks taking on Robbie Lawler.


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