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UFC Free Fight: Watch Alistair Overeem Dismantle Brock Lesnar


If you’re new to MMA, and haven’t seen Alistair Overeem’s 2011 scrap with Brock Lesnar, then you may not understand why it’s a must see.

Yes, while Overeem has struggled as of late, and Lesnar is no longer with the UFC (for the time being or…?), back in 2011 everyone and their dog was buzzing about their UFC 141 scrap.

At the time, Overeem was riding an 11 fight, undefeated streak, and had just signed with the UFC as the reigning Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 champ. Lesnar, on the other hand, was returning from a lengthy layoff due to diverticulitis, and everyone wanted to know whether the former UFC champ could climb his way back to the top.

Well, as even the freshest, MMA newby likely knows, (or anyone who read the above headline) things didn’t go too well for Lesnar in the scrap, and he returned to professional wrestling.

More recently, however, there’s been talk, and a lot of it, as to whether Lesnar could be returning to the Octagon. Overeem, meanwhile, is scheduled to fight Stefan Struve on December 13th.

So, watch the bout below and scratch it off your fight bucket list…


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