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UFC 181 Weigh Ins: The Analysis

UFC 181 Weigh Ins: The Analysis

Most fight fans go without ever watching weigh-ins because, after all, it’s just a bunch of near-naked men and sometimes women stepping onto a scale, and then staring down with their opponents. Sometimes interesting things will happen – like a push, or perhaps someone misses weight, but for the most part weigh-ins are just a formality that has to happen; it’s not necessarily for any source of entertainment (although it still draws a crowd). With that said you can still make some observations. You can spot any glaring size differences, physique differences, and even fighters’ emotions as they are just 24 hours away from fighting. Here are some things important things that I got from the UFC 181 weigh-ins:

Sergio Pettis appears small compared to Matt Hobar

If you’re a fan of the Pettis brothers then you will no doubt be tuning in tomorrow night to UFC 181 because both Pettis bros are featured on the card. Sergio is taking on a tough, hard-nosed fighter in Matt Hobar on the Fight Pass prelims, but appeared to be pretty under-sized compared to “The Crowbar” when they squared off in front of the fans. This is a fight that Pettis is most likely going to want to keep on the feet whereas Hobar is a dangerous fighter when he’s on top controlling the action, and if Pettis can’t keep his feet underneath him then we could see a much bigger and stronger fighter in Matt Hobar fighting the fight that he wants.

Weird antics between Corey Anderson and Justin Jones

Neither fighter seemed to have a physical edge that really stood out, but I did notice a bit of back-and-forth antics between the two when they squared off. Corey started the confrontation off with a text-book “selfie”, turned around, and proceeded to throw up his dukes in standard fashion. But it didn’t end here. Jones then executed his play by trying to talk some smack (although I couldn’t make out any of the words that were said). Coincidentally enough Anderson did not seem phased by the talking, and did not partake. So a bit of weird antics between the two fighters; I’m expecting fireworks between the two.

A positive Josh Samman met an ultra intense Eddie Gordon

It’s been a rough year for Josh Samman who had a handful of close personal tragedies coupled with a torn hamstring, but he was all smiles when stepping onto the scale. He seemed really happy and excited to finally put those personal demons to rest and get focused on his fighting career, but he has a tough, stoic test in front of him in Eddie Gordon. The Serra-Longo standout showed up as intense as ever when he got right up in Samman’s face, but Josh didn’t seem too bothered by it and couldn’t even keep a straight face. Definitely going to be an intense match-up between Samman, a guy everyone is rooting for after his unlucky series of events, and Eddie Gordon, a real prospect from a fantastic camp.

Anthony Hamilton is all business

Even though he’s a massive underdog coming into this heavyweight bout with Todd Duffee, I made sure not to count him out when I previewed this match up, and he showed why tonight at the weigh-ins. Not only did he dwarf Duffee with his much bigger frame, but he also crossed the center line to make sure he got in Duffee’s face. However Todd didn’t seem phased at all, and offered no real retaliation. Definitely a sign of maturity from Todd Duffee while Anthony Hamilton is going to attempt to shock the oddsmakers tomorrow night.

Browne and Schaub had to be contained

Even though both Travis Browne and Brendan Schaub are characters outside the cage, they had to be contained on stage at the weigh ins. Browne was the last to weigh in and they both went at it right away when they both stuck their heads out. Words were exchanged and Schaub had to be pulled off the stage by someone from his crew. I didn’t expect these two to be so intense, but it’ll be interesting whether or not this translates into this fight as both Browne and Schaub are in desperate need of impressive performances. Another little side note I observed was that Browne will not have as distinct of a height advantage as I imagined. Schaub is a surprisingly tall heavyweight and Browne won’t be towering over his opponent like he usually is.


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