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UFC 181 Results: Faber Chokes Out Rivera After Eye Poke

UFC 181 Results: Faber Chokes Out Rivera After Eye Poke

It was an extremely unfortunate ending for Francisco Rivera who looked to be on his way to potentially figuring out “The California Kid”. Even though the majority of the fight was spent on the feet with both fighters trying to get each other to bite on feints, not willing to commit on anything, it was Rivera who was seemingly out-pointing Urijah Faber heading into the second round. Several hard leg kicks in the first round caught Faber’s attention, as well as a few grazing right hands. Meanwhile Faber was having a hard time mounting any sort of offense; even his takedown game was being thwarted by Rivera.

Midway through the second round after more of the same, Faber pushed forward with a punching combination that resulted in an accidental eye poke that left Rivera visibly hurting. Rivera turtled up against the cage and Faber was able to easily lock in a modified bulldog choke for the win.

It’s unclear as to whether or not this fight will be overturned or not because the eye poke was definitely the leading cause to the submission win for Urijah Faber; however, the poke was completely unintentional and it looks like it will just be an unfortunate turn of events for Francisco Rivera who was well on his way to getting the better of Faber.


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