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CM Punk To Make UFC Debut in 2015

CM Punk To Make UFC Debut in 2015

Maybe you were expecting it, maybe you weren’t. The UFC broadcast team was hinting at some big news that Joe Rogan was going to deliver after the first PPV fight between Tony Ferguson and Abel Trujillo. The big news was the signing of WWE Star, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. Before you think this is just some publicity stunt, you should know that CM Punk has actual extensive MMA experience. He is close friends with Chael Sonnen among many other MMA fighters, and is well-versed in many different martial arts. Rogan had the chance to break this news during UFC 181 side-by-side with the incoming star.

Not many questions were answered. We don’t know who he’ll be debuting against, when he’ll be debuting, or even what weight class he’ll be fighting at. With that said, CM Punk made sure to express his excitement for this and to make sure the fans know that he is fully committed to being an MMA fighter. He is guessing he’ll fight at middleweight, or perhaps welterweight if he can make the weight cut. He is also in the works and inquiring into where he’ll be training. Surely a man with his fame should be able to train just about anywhere he wants, but at this time he has not made a decision.

Personally I’m very excited for this. I’m not a big WWE fan, but from what I’ve seen CM Punk looks to be a promising athlete to enter the UFC roster.


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