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TUF Finale Results: Daly taps Alex Chambers

TUF Finale Results: Daly taps Alex Chambers

In a fight that could have easily been a 3-round brawl turned into a grappling contest. Daly and Chambers locked up early, but it was Chambers who had early success with standing elbow strikes and the first initial takedown. Daly, typically an unorthodox striker, showcased her underrated grappling game and fought well off her back. Eventually, a takedown from Daly put her in perfect position to lock up the armbar that left Chambers grimacing in pain.

Daly made a huge statement with this victory because she didn’t have to rely on her striking at all. Even though Daly is mostly known for her striking, she actually has more wins by submission and she proved why that is. I was really impressed with her ability to not only get the submission from the top position, but early in the fight she showed she was dangerous off her back when she went after the arm. Great win for Daly, I’m excited to see more of her.


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