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UFC’s Henry Cejudo Talks Wrestling vs. MMA, Which is Tougher?

Kelsey Mowatt

Henry Cejudo

Although there was a ton going on this past weekend, in terms of UFC action, one of the big takeaways from the busy weekend was Henry Cejudo’s impressive debut.

Many hardcore fans and pundits have been following the MMA career of Cejudo closely, since he’s a ridiculously talented wrestler. How talented? He won a Gold Medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Beijing Games. So, when you have a wrestler with those kind of credentials transitioning into MMA, there’s going to be a fair amount of hype following said wrestler.

In the case of Cejudo, there was even more buzz regarding his debut at UFC on FOX 13, since he ran into weight cutting issues in August and had to withdraw from UFC 177. The 27 year-old went on to score a clear cut, unanimous decision win over Dustin Kimura on Saturday.

What was particularly compelling about the fight, however, was that Cejudo hardly even relied on his wrestling pedigree to win the bout. Instead, the bantamweight showcased some pretty impressive boxing skills, and outscored Kimura on the feet.

While speaking to the media after the bout, Cejudo discussed his evolution as a fighter, and while doing so he offered this interesting statement (quote via MMA

“I hope nobody takes offense to this, but I think (wrestling is) a lot tougher than MMA,” Cejudo said. “When you become the best in the world in wrestling, you’re the best in the world. This isn’t two, three events. This is once every four years.”

No offense taken. After all, Cejudo is drawing on his own personal experiences, which have seen him defeat the best of the best in wrestling. What are the mathematical odds of someone winning an Olympic gold medal in that event?

Now sure, some fans will disagree with Cejudo, as there’s no question becoming a UFC champion is also ridiculously hard. Cejudo went on to add that through fighting, he hopes to make a living, perhaps even a good one, while it’s almost impossible to do the same with wrestling.

All this aside, it will be interesting to see who Cejudo fights next. If you missed it, the 7-0 fighter announced after UFC on FOX 13 that he wants to make a run at 125, and UFC President Dana White said he’s on board. Cejudo is confident he can make the weight, despite the fact he encountered issues doing so back in August.


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