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UFC’s CM Punk Gets Annoyed With Host, Says He’d Fight Anderson Silva For “Correct Amount of Money”

Kelsey Mowatt

CM Punk

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has been doing so many interviews lately, if you just listened to the audio, it might be hard to distinguish one from another…Well, that definitely wasn’t the case in the one the former WWE star recently did with TSN’s “Off the Record” program.

Now, if you’ve watched the show before (which dramatically increases the chances that you’re Canadian), then you know that the show can be somewhat hard hitting. In other words, host Michael Landsberg has been known to ask some tough, or sometimes awkward, questions…

Well, this particular interview started off with a video, which took a bit of a pot shot at Brooks’ pro-wrestling career, and the fact he could end up facing a fighter with minimal, MMA credentials. Brooks appeared to be somewhat annoyed by the gag, but things didn’t really get uncomfortable until Landsberg asked him several questions about his lack of fighting experience,┬áthe WWE, his fallout with the company etc.

When Brooks was asked whether he had requested to fight a less established fighter in his Octagon debut, here is some of what he had to say in response (quotes via MMA

“Look, this is where things will get said out of context,” said Punk, after Landsberg mentioned Nate Diaz as a fighter who has called him out. “I don’t think Nate called me out. What Nate did was express his opinion on the UFC signing me and me fighting in the UFC. I respect his opinion. I’m still a Nate Diaz fan. I watched him fight last Saturday and I’ll watch him the next time he fights.

“Who I fight isn’t 100 percent up to me. I don’t think it’s 100 percent up to any fighter. That’s what the [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva’s of the world are for. Would I fight Nate Diaz? This is where he takes it out of context. Yea, I would fight anybody given the proper time to prepare for it. Would that be a wise decision at this juncture in my career? Probably not. But I would also fight Anderson Silva tomorrow if you paid me the correct amount of money to do so.”

It was a really, fascinating segment to watch, and it will be interesting to see where fans come down on this. Was Landsberg trolling just a wee bit to get a rise out of Brooks? Or just asking hard hitting questions that other media members haven’t?

You can watch the end of the segment below and the entire video is also posted.

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