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“Dirty Bird” Earns Split Verdict Against Alexandre Jr.


A good back and forth welterweight battle between two dangerous strikers in Tim Means and Marcio Alexandre Jr. went all three rounds. It was apparent that the karate fighter Alexandre Jr. was set on countering and circling around the outside. Means on the other hand had a different thought in mind as he continually pushed forward, trying to pressure Alexandre Jr throughout the entire fight.

In the beginning, it looked liked Means was wanting to out-wrestle the dangerous counter-striker, but after he failed to get the fight on the mat, he began to figure out how to win on the feet, which is where Means did his best work. This decision didn’t come without a bit of controversy however, as an apparent illegal knee in the second halted the action for quite a while. The replays showed that the knee landed at about the same time the finger tip left the mat. If the action resumed without pause, it’s hard to say whether or not Means would have finished the fight, but he definitely had Marcio hurt. However, a left head kick from Alexandre put Means on the mat to make his statement in the second stanza.

It all pretty much came down to the third round where Alexandre Jr. just didn’t have an answer for Means’s non-stop pressure. As Marcio began to fade, Means started to land at will with straight punches, and a series of knees later in the third round. After getting the decision, Tim Means was more-than-welcome for the plethora of boos, even though the decision victory was rightfully given.


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