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Dislocated Finger Halts War Between Sarafian And Dos Santos


A rather disappointing and peculiar ending halts a bout that was quickly becoming a front-runner for the night’s Fight of the Night. Both Daniel Sarafian and Antonio dos Santos traded heavy punches in the center of the Octagon for the majority of the fight which consisted of about a round and a quarter. Both fighters sported very short, heavy, and stocky middleweight frames – perfect for sitting down on punches and winging heavy leather which is what both guys did, and both guys did it very well.

Even though Daniel Sarafian was the expert grappler coming into the cage, he looked content to standing with with the knockout artist dos Santos. Sarafian resorted to well-timed blitzes of punches and powerful low kicks, while dos Santos put leather on his opponent with crisp counters and a stiff jab. The first round featured both fighters seemingly rocking each other at one point or the other, but it was dos Santos who scored the first knockdown when he ate a head kick by Sarafian only to blast him with a right hand that put the fellow Brazilian on the mat.

The second round featured more of the same as both Brazilians slugged each other with their best punches, but kept coming forward. Unfortunately, an exchange between both fighters resulted in a dislocated finger for dos Santos. Replays showed that dos Santos tried framing out with an open left hand while Sarafian was throwing an overhand right; the instep of Sarafian’s arm caught the finger and dislocated it. Dos Santos immediately reacted by signalling to the referee and moving away. The ref, Eduardo Herdy, stopped the bout on the spot. It was a bit of a weird ending to a fight that was definitely going to either result in a knock out, or a 15-minute war between two promising middleweights.


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