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Erick Silva Displays Flawless Performance, Chokes Out Rhodes


Just about as quickly as it started, it ended. The known first-round finisher and Brazilian superstar, Erick Silva, choked Mike Rhodes unconscious with an arm-triangle in the opening part of the first round of their welterweight contest.

After a quick touch of gloves, Silva fired off an immediate spinning back kick that Rhodes countered with a right hand. Rhodes looked to be wanting to pressure and bring the fight to Silva, but instead of exchanging punches with the quick-starting Brazilian, he found himself being taken down. Silva methodically peeled off a guillotine attempt, passed the guard, and immediately locked up the arm-triangle. Rhodes looked to have the right defense as he gripped his own leg to try and alleviate the pressure building around his neck, but even that wasn’t enough. He quickly went to sleep and the ref stepped in.

A lot of people were expecting the American, Mike Rhodes, to put up an admirable performance against Erick Silva; I won’t lie, I was one of those people, but it’s definitely clear that the Erick Silva that showed up tonight is a different Erick Silva that burst onto the UFC scene just a few years ago, but I mean that in a good way. Silva, while he was definitely exciting, was a little too reckless and too inclined to putting on firefight performances rather than getting the win. This was not the case. Silva got the fight to the ground where he has a very underrated submission game, and went right to business for a methodical and flawless submission victory.


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