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Lyoto Machida Needs Two Kicks To Finish Dollaway


In one of Lyoto Machida’s most dominant and impressive victories, “The Dragon” dispatches the tough CB Dollaway in just over a minute courtesy of his left leg.

From the initial touch of gloves Machida began circling and measuring the wrestler up for his left kick. A kick down low, then a blocked head kick from Dollaway is all that consisted of UFC Fight Night 58’s main event before a left kick to the body sent Dollaway backwards and eventually onto the mat. From there, Machida teed off with punches against the fetal CB Dollaway, but the kick alone was enough to get the job done.

Moments after the stoppage, Dollaway continued to grimace and hold his side. This performance is a testament to the power and accuracy that relies in Lyoto Machida and his strikes as he placed his left kick perfectly underneath the right elbow. Even though CB tried to pressure and back Machida up with his lead hand and a head kick attempt, he was ultimately a little tentative, a little too caught up in the moment, and paid for it dearly.

Definitely an impressive finish for Lyoto Machida, and I’m very excited to see who gets placed in front of him next.


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