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UFC 182: Jon Jones Discusses Why Rivalry With Daniel Cormier Could End

Kelsey Mowatt

Jon jones

Although he chucked fists at him during a press conference, and has threatened physical harm upon him, Jon Jones possibly sees sunny days ahead, in terms of his relationship with Daniel Cormier…

Jones is set to fight Cormier on January 3rd at UFC 182, in what is being billed as one of the promotion’s biggest grudge matches to date. The light-heavyweight champ recently participated in a special edition of the “UFC Rankings” report, and when asked if he could see his beef with Cormier ending Jones stated (quote via MMA

“I’m sure when I beat him he won’t like me too much,” Jones said. “I could see me and Daniel having a respectful relationship after the bout. Our problems … they really aren’t that personal. They’re actually kind of silly. After you fight a guy you definitely develop a certain amount of respect for him and bond with him. So yea, I could see us not having problems after this fight.”

How about that huh? That’s quite the turn around no? The comments do come at a time when others have noticed that Jones and Cormier have been more civil towards each other. Perhaps all the heat they took for their highly, publicized brawl, made them re-think where things were headed. Not to mention their memorable, off-air, but oops, they’re still recording, exchange.

Now, rivalry aside, the fight has all the makings of instant classic, due to the abilities of both men. So much so, some have argued it could be one of the greatest fights ever booked, when you consider the skill of Jones and Cormier, as well as their records. If you’re curious, Jones is the betting line favorite in the -170 to -185 range.

So how does Jones see the fight going?

“It’s hard to say how the fight’s going to go,” said Jones. “I’m predicting that the fight will be extremely entertaining and I believe that I’ll come out on top.”

It’s a hee-uge bout, and it will be interesting to see how many pay-per-view buys the card moves. In the co-headliner, Donald Cerrone will take on fellow, lightweight contender Myles Jury, and Hector Lombard is also scheduled to battle welterweight Josh Burkman.

UFC 182 will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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