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Bellator Has Contacted Brock Lesnar According to Promotion’s President Scott Coker

Kelsey Mowatt

Brock Lesnar

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been accused of hindering the free market in a class action lawsuit, but clearly Bellator intends to compete for the sport’s biggest names.

Recently Bellator President Scott Coker spoke with MMA, and the former Strikeforce promoter was asked about the aforementioned suit. Coker reportedly took issue with the suit’s argument that Bellator is a “minor league”, and therefore not a viable competitor for the UFC.

Coker has also relayed that “There’s not going to be a fighter on the planet we can’t afford and have access to”, which if accurate, would certainly make Bellator more than just a “minor” MMA promotion.

Bellator’s boss man was also asked about Brock Lesnar, who observers believe, will conclude his WWE deal sometime in early 2015. There has been a teee-un of speculation as to whether the pro-wrestler might return to fighting when it’s done, and if he does, Coker says Bellator will be in the bidding.

Coker confirmed that Bellator has reached out to the former UFC heavyweight champ, but that:

“There hasn’t been any serious dialogue,” Coker said. “But when the time comes to have serious dialogue, we’ll be right there.”

Now, considering the vast depth of Viacom’s pockets–Bellator’s parent company–there’s little doubt that the promotion could compete for MMA’s biggest free agents, if, and that’s the big if, it chooses to.

If Lesnar does decide to fight again, well, it certainly looks like he won’t have to worry about a lack of interest in his services. Lesnar was a massive draw for the UFC during his run with the promotion, and most believe he will continue to move pay-per-views if he returns to MMA.


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