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Anderson Silva Discusses Sparring Session With Jon Jones

Kelsey Mowatt

Anderson Silva

A few weeks ago, Dana White buzzed the MMA world by posting a picture of UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former middleweight champ, Anderson Silva, sparring in a ring.

For years, there has been talk of how a fight between the two stars would go down, and White teased the ‘super fight’ narrative in the post.  Although no one really expects to see Jones-Silva take place, and both men have said they don’t want to fight each other, it’s still a scrap everyone and their dog wants to see.

Unfortunately, footage of the recent sparring session hasn’t surfaced, but Silva did talk about it recently with MMA While recalling the training session, here is some of what the legendary fighter had to say:

“It was a normal training, he did a few things, and I did a few things. It was a tough training for both of us. We learned a lot. He taught me a few things I didn’t know, I gave him a few tips. I like him a lot, and it was cool.”

I bet it was. Jones will of course, battle Daniel Cormier this Saturday at UFC 182, and Silva is booked to fight Nick Diaz on January 31st at UFC 183.


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