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UFC’s Cole Miller Praises Ground Game of CM Punk

Kelsey Mowatt

CM Punk

Since the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that it has signed Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, more than a few folks have questioned the MMA credentials of the pro-wrestler. Well, according to a UFC vet who has trained with CM Punk several times, the former WWE star may be a better grappler than half the UFC roster…

Cole Miller┬áis the fighter who has trained with Brooks, and in a recent interview with MMA, here is what the featherweight had to say about the latter’s ground game.

“I think most MMA fighters don’t have any kind of ground,” Miller said. “Most of them aren’t good at all. Even in the UFC. There are plenty of exceptions, but when I say most, I mean more than 50 percent are nothing more than OK blue belts on the ground. I would rate CM Punk definitely above that.”

Of course, since Mr. Miller is a black belt in BJJ, and a noted finisher, that’s a pretty interesting assessment to hear. Miller also offered this take on how Punk will fare in the Octagon:

“I think he’ll do very well,” Miller said. “I don’t think he’s trying to make a 10-year career out of this. But he’s going to shake things up, whoop some ass and prove a lot of people wrong. I expect him to do very well against whoever they put up against him.”

Brooks hasn’t picked a weight class just yet, but he expects to compete at middleweight, or possibly welterweight, depending on how things go in the coming months. The pro-wrestler plans to make his UFC debut in late 2015.

As far as Miller, the vet is set to fight Max Holloway at a UFC Fight Night card on February 14th. That event will go down in Broomfield, Colorado, and Matt Brown will battle fellow, welterweight contender Tarec Saffiedine in the headliner.


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