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UFC 182: Weigh-In Observations

UFC 182

A lot of fight fans don’t care to sit through 40 minutes of instrumental music while watching a bunch of men and/or women weigh-in all while anticipating some flares of animosity, but they are a very important aspect of the sport; weigh-ins are also a great way to analyze fighters’ emotions the day before they hit the bright lights. UFC 182 will go down as containing one of the hugest fights in all of MMA history as UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones defends his belt for a ninth time against his bitter rival in Daniel Cormier. In case you missed the weigh-ins, or didn’t watch carefully, here some highlights I caught during the event:

One Weight Mishap

It’s not an official weigh-in unless there is one awkward moment where a fighter misses weight and doesn’t really know how to react. This was the case for Alexis Dufresne, a women bantamweight fighter who takes on Marion Reneau in the very first fight of the evening. Alexis definitely looked like the bigger fighter, and should probably be fighting at featherweight as it seemed she struggled to even make 138. Her face looked gaunt and she didn’t even have enough energy to make any sort of emotion. She better hope she wins or that the UFC creates a women’s featherweight division asap.

A Big, Powerful Heavyweight Will Debut

Maybe it was the sudden music change, but when Jared Cannonier stepped onto the scale tonight you could tell that he is coming to get a knockout. With 6 finishes of his 7-0 record, Cannonier is an intriguing heavyweight prospect with the physical attributes to cause some real damage in the heavyweight division. He only weighed in at 235 pounds as opposed to Shawn Jordan’s 261, but it’s clear that Cannonier is definitely the more athletic of the two.

Some Size Advantages, or Lack Thereof

There are two bouts on the main card, Hector Lombard vs. Josh Burkman and Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury, where some predestined size advantages were sure to be in play, but after watching the weigh-ins I am inclined to think the opposite. Josh Burkman, who is only one inch taller than Lombard, is really going to have to try hard if he wants to keep the fight on the outside. Not only is he not as tall as he seems, but his overall build didn’t resemble the type of rangy striker I made him out to be when thinking about this match-up. Burkman, despite wearing a jacket throughout most of his appearance tonight, looked dwarfed next to Lombard.

In the other match-up, Donald Cerrone and Myles Jury looked surprising similar in size. Cerrone has almost always had a decisive size advantage over his opponents when it comes to his reach and overall frame, but he will not have that against Jury. Even though Cerrone sports the more muscle-packed frame, Jury looked equally as tall, and equally as long. This fight could get very interesting as Cerrone will be unable to rely on his reach this time around.

Jones and Cormier Are Ready

Unfortunately, there was not a brawl at the weigh-ins like some of us were expecting. In fact, there was little to no emotion between the two other than excitement, adrenaline, and perhaps a little bit of anxiety. Cormier couldn’t steady himself while he waited for the champion to make his to the scale, and looked like a possessed demon as he paced back and forth on stage. Jones on the other hand sported a ripped frame when he made weight, and calmly posed for the fans in complete disregard to Cormier. In retaliation, Cormier struck an opposite pose facing away from the fans as seen in the featured image of this article. It should be important to note that Cormier did appear to look a little strung out from the weight cut, but he is an experienced competitor and I don’t think it will affect his performance much at all.

What I did find interesting was Jon Jones’s extremely muscular frame. It’s clear that he is not the scrawny fighter that he once was when he first entered the UFC. Jones has put on a considerable amount of muscle, and even though Cormier sported the thicker torso, Jones wasn’t too much smaller and a heck of a lot larger in terms of height, and of course reach. Cormier might find Jones to be a bit stronger than he expected, but of course we’ll have to find out tomorrow night on Pay-per-View at UFC 182, live in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. I can’t wait.

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