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UFC 182: Main Card Results and Play-by-Play

Daniel Cormier

The prelims for UFC 182 are over, and now we move to the main card, which will of course, feature Jon Jones taking on Daniel Cormier.

Get the edge of your seats ready folks.

Josh Burkman vs. Hector Lombard

Both welterweights chuck some hard punches in the opening exchange. Burkman misses with a head kick. Wow. Burkman attempts a Superman Punch off the cage. Lombard catches a kick and briefly takes Burkman down. Burkman is firing back whenever Lombard flurries in. The latter lands a solid right hook. Burkman is keeping Lombard in check with his own right hooks. Lombard charges in but Burkman fires back hard shots. The latter shoots in but Lombard shrugs it off. Lombard continues to stalk Burkman. Round ends.

Round 2: Burkman wings a right hand but Lombard keeps moving forward. Burkman lands a body kick. Wow. Both welterweights are just chucking bombs. Lombard may have hurt Burkman with one of the shots. Burkman is up against the cage; takes a couple more shots but fires back again. Burkman is bloodied up a bit. The latter looks like he’s starting to fade. Lombard is also bleeding from the lip. Burkman throws a back kick that misses. This is crazy. Burkman is standing right in front of him, hands down. The two flurry again and Lombard lands another thumping shot. Again, Burkman has his hands down, and just moves out of the way of a Lombard bomb. Lombard lands another leg kick, follows up with a hook and the round ends.

Round 3: Burkman changes levels but can’t get the takedown. Lombard brings Burkman to the mat. Lombard is trying to pass Burkman’s half guard and does. Burkman works his way back to his feet. Lombard plants another leg kick and then rocks Burkman with several, thumping shots. Both guys wing punches once again. Lombard cracks Burkman again with a couple of hard punches. Burkman looks exhausted. Lombard punishes his leg with another kick. Wow. Burkman comes at Lombard with one last flurry. Fight ends.

Hector Lombard def. Josh Burkman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Louis Gaudinot vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Horigucho comes out and is changing his stance frequently. Horiguchi plants a hard leg kick. Gaudinot comes in, eats a left, and counters with a kick. Horiguchi cracks Gaudinot with a right hook. The Japanese flyweight launches a flying knee but Gaudinot blocks it. Gaudinot wings a hard left as Horiguchi storms in. The latter flurries in but Gaudinot covers up. Horiguchi clinches up and briefly takes Gaudinot to the mat. Round ends.

Round 2: Horiguchi stuns Gaudinot with a right hand and flies in with a knee that misses. Gaudinot takes a low shot to the groin. Action resumes. Gaudinot catches Horiguchi with a standing, arm-triangle-choke but lets it go. Gaudinot is bleeding under the left eye. Gaudinot attempts a spinning kick that misses. Horiguchi continues to land more often. The latter flurries in nicely. Gaudinot takes the worst of another exchange but is still firing back. Horiguchi sweeps Gaudinot to the mat and the round ends.

Round 3: Gaudinot cracks Horiguchi with a right hand to begin the round. The latter fires back with a kick that’s blocked. Horiguchi continues to be ridiculously agile on his feet. Horiguchi is still outgunning the game Gaudinot. Wow. Horiguchi flurries in with punches and a kick but Gaudinot isn’t fazed. Gaudinot briefly threatens with a guillotine off the clinch but lets it go. The latter fires a spinning back fist but misses badly. Gaudinot just can’t hit him. Fight ends.

Kyoji Horiguchi def. Louis Gaudinot via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Nate Marquardt vs. Brad Tavares

Tavares is keeping busy with his jab. Marquardt throws a right hand and attempts a knee. Tavares kicks Marquardt to the body and the latter responds with an inside, leg kick. Tavares fires off a hard leg kick. Marquardt flurries in but gets countered. Tavares comes in and lands. Marquardt plants a front kick to the face. Some fans start to boo because of the slow pace. The middleweights exchange leg kicks. Now Tavares lands a front kick to the face of Marquardt just as the round ends. Nicely done.

Round 2: Marquardt takes a kick as he looks for a takedown. Marquardt storms in but can’t clinch up. Tavares flurries in but eats a counter right. The latter lands yet another leg kick. Yikes. Another leg kick from Tavares. Marquardt is starting to wear it. Fans start to boo again. Marquardt charges in but gets swept aside. The latter, who is cut above by his left eye, has Tavares up against the fence. Tavares lands an elbow and an uppercut. Marquardt breaks away. Round ends.

Round 3: Tavares comes out aggressively but Marquardt clinches up. Fans are getting restless again. Referee Yves Lavigne breaks them up. Tavares flicks in his jab and follows up with a leg kick. Marquardt changes levels but can’t take Tavares down. The latter continues to outscore Marquardt on the feet. Tavares throws a switch kick that Marquardt blocks just in time. Tavares plants another jab. Marquardt chucks a right hand but gets cracked with a left hand. Tavares swarms in but fight ends.

Brad Tavares def. Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury

Jury takes Cerrone down moments into the bout but gets caught in an Omoplata. Jury slips out but loses position. Cerrone scrambles to Jury’s back and secures the body lock with his legs. Jury is moving around but can’t shake Cerrone loose. The latter lands a couple of punches from behind. Jury turns over but Cerrone sinks in a rear-naked-choke. Jury works free from the choke. Cerrone rolls for the armbar but the round ends.

Round 2: Jury throws a kick to the body to start the round off. Once again he looks for the takedown but Cerrone defends. Cerrone fires a hard inside kick to the leg. Jury fires an overhand right that misses. Cerrone lands another leg kick. And another. Jury counters with a nicely timed kick to the body. He does so again. Jury looks to clinch but gets shrugged off. Cerrone plants another leg kick. Some fans are starting to boo. Tough crowd. Cerrone throws a knee that may have landed to the body. Round ends. Close frame but Cerrone likely got it.

Round 3: Cerrone lands another leg kick and Jury counters with one to the body. Jury wings a spinning back fist that misses. Cerrone plants another couple of leg kicks. Jury clinches up but can’t get Cerrone down. The latter fires a head kick that rattles off the head of Fury. The latter looks stunned but isn’t badly hurt. Now Cerrone is starting to ramp up his attacks. Jury shoots in for a takedown but Cerrone defends. Jury is running out of time to win this fight. Cerrone is hunting for the finish. Again, Jury shoots in for a takedown but Cerrone scrambles out. Wow. Now “Cowboy” takes Jury down and he starts chucking kicks at at the latter’s legs. Crazy.

Donald Cerrone def. Myles Jury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Jones throws a couple of hard kicks to begin the fight. Cormier fires a right hand. Quick start. Cormier throws a body kick but Jones catches it. Cormier gets back up but takes some shots. Jones lands a left. Jones tries to take Cormier down but gets stuffed. Jones fires another head kick that doesn’t land flush. Jones pushes Cormier back with a left hand and follows up with a kick. A knee from Jones. Cormier returns fires with a right hand. Jones plants another hard knee to the body. Cormier lands a jab and a left not long after. Jones tosses a spinning kick that misses. The champ plants a crunching hook to the body of Jones. Cormier blasts forward and lands an uppercut. Jones throws a flying knee but misses. Jones fires a shot right at the bell. High volume round from Jones but Cormier kept coming.

Round 2: Jones wings a kick to the body. And another that Cormier blocks. The challenger fires a head kick, takes a body kick, and then looks for a takedown. Jones counters with a choke attempt but Cormier breaks free. Cormier pushes in behind a right hand. The two clinch up and Cormier briefly threatens with a guillotine. Cormier lands a couple of hard shots and Jones clinches up. The champ throws a hard elbow from inside. Cormier fires an uppercut. Jones chucks some more elbows from in close. Jones fires a head kick that may have glanced Cormier, but he returns fires. Jones pushes “DC” to the cage. Cormier throws Jones into the cage and follows up witha right hand. Jones fires an elbow but takes a right from Corrmier. Another grueling round.

Round 3: Cormier throws a leg kick. Jones misses with a high kick. Cormier punishes Jones with a body kick. Cormier flurries in. Jones keeps firing kicks. Another hard punch to Cormier’s body. Cormier lands a left but then takes a poke to the eye. Action resumes. Cormier takes a hard kick to the body and then defends a takedown attempt. Jones proceeds to thwart Cormier’s shot. Jones attempts another, sneaky elbow. Cormier plants an uppercut. Jones chucks a couple more kicks but Cormier keeps moving forward. Jones fires a hard knee to the body and has Cormier up against the cage. Cormier breaks free and fires another uppercut. Cormier flurries in after Jones misses with a flying knee. Jones tries another but winds up on his back. Yet another vicious round.

Round 4: Jones starts off by throwing a kick. Cormier responds with some of his own. Jones throws another head kick that glances off Cormier. Jones fires in some more knees to the body. Jones tosses Cormier to the mat but the latter gets up. Jones takes Cormier down again and starts looking for a choke. Cormier gets back up but is looking spent. Jones continues to have Cormier up against the fence. “DC” breaks free; fires a hard leg kick. Cormier clinches up but isn’t doing much. Jones throws Cormier to the mat as the round ends. Huge round for the champ.

Round 5: Jones chucks a head kick but misses. Cormier comes in aggressively. Looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Jones has Cormier up against the fence once again. Action slows. Cormier spins out but the two are still clinched up. Cormier winds up against the cage once more, but reverses. Cormier is looking for a single leg but takes some elbows for his effort. Cormier finally tosses Jones down but the champ gets right back up. Jones fires a spinning elbow that lands. Cormier is looking for another takedown as the final seconds tick down. Jones puts his hands up in the air in celebration right before the fight concludes. Both guys chuck bombs right at the bell and Jones makes an ‘obscene gesture’ Cormier’s way.

Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)


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