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UFC 182 Results: Dunham Shuts Out Damm

UFC 182

A slick jab and a piercing left straight was about all the tools UFC lightweight Evan Dunham needed to take a unanimous decision victory against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Rodrigo Damm. Despite having a massive edge on the ground, at least on paper, Rodrigo Damm didn’t make any efforts to get the fight to the ground. Instead, Damm and Dunham traded blows for fifteen minutes which resulted in a one-sided showing from the American.

Dunham expertly used his long reach advantage to constantly push Damm around the perimeter of the Octagon while he landed stiff jabs, cracking left straights, and looping lead right hooks on the mobile Rodrigo Damm. The Brazilian’s successes were few and far though as a few kicks landed solid in the first and second rounds, but perhaps most noticeably staged a comeback in the third round when he started to push the pace. Damm had full confidence in his chin as he egged Dunham into a slug fest, but couldn’t quite capitalize on his engaged opponent and instead took a pair of hard knees to the head. Great win for Dunham who gets back into the win column, and might perhaps get back into the top of the division where he once was years ago.

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