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UFC 182 Results: Cody Garbrandt Starches Brimage In Third

UFC 182

And it appears that there is a new UFC bantamweight prospect in Cody Garbrandt who won his UFC debut in spectacular finish in the third round. The precise hands of Cody Garbrandt paved the way for his late-fight TKO victory, but it didn’t come without much battling throughout the first and second rounds.

Garbrandt had Brimage stunned and on wobbly feet at the very end of the first round, but other than that both bantamweights exchanged equal striking combinations throughout much of the fight; leading to what could have been a total toss up of a decision. Garbrandt sported the much longer and larger frame, but surprisingly enough was had a reach deficit when came to the hands. Garbrandt made up for this with a heavy-kicking game as he punished Brimage’s arms with body and head kicks. Garbrandt’s main source of offense though came with his precise counter striking via his right uppercut and counter left hook.

The finish came at the end of the third round as Marcus Brimage tried to put a stamp on the fight by pushing the pace and getting his hands on Garbrandt, but ran into the woodchipper that was Garbrandt’s counter punching. The finish looked a lot like Conor McGregor’s TKO finish of Brimage, as uppercuts and big hooks send Brimage down multiple times before the ref eventually stepped in. Big win for Garbrandt and I can’t wait to see more of him and his exciting striking style.

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