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UFC 182 Results: Lombard Decisions Burkman

UFC 182

The slightly anticipated UFC return of Josh Burkman was shot down by the powerful brute in Hector Lombard. A lot of people were expecting this to be an explosive bout, but really it turned out to be a 15-minute chess match that featured Lombard to implement a patient, calculated game to chop down and batter Burkman en route to the decision victory.

Lombard stalked Burkman and had him on the perimeter of the Octagon as he slammed left leg kicks to the right leg of Burkman that had him limping in the third round. In addition to the powerful kicks, Lombard found moments where he could tee off with his vintage blitzes of punches; even though Lombard found Burkman’s chin with his best shots, “The People’s Warrior” stayed in the game.

Burkman however looked to implement a rather peculiar style as he often stood with his back against the cage and his hands lowered, looking to goad Lombard into attacking. Burkman landed some solid body kicks, and counter strikes on Lombard, but just couldn’t get any momentum. After a rather competitive first two rounds, Lombard showcased some of his patented Judo skills as he took Burkman to the mat with ease in the third round and controlled the entire first half before putting Burkman on the defensive – which was the story of the entire fight.

A pretty good win for Lombard. I know a lot of us were looking for him to score another first round knockout, but Burkman was a very unorthodox test and offered a dangerous counter-striking game. I liked Lombard’s patient, calculated approach, and he still showcased instances of violent success that Lombard is so famous for.

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