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UFC 182 Results: Jones Keeps Belt In Grueling Battle

UFC 182

Daniel Cormier said that he wanted a dog fight, a dog fight is what he got. For 25 minutes, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones tied up and had a grueling contest as both fighters battled for control and supremacy in the clinch. In the end, Jon Jones retained his belt with a unanimous decision victory by only dropping one round.

From the beginning, Daniel Cormier had to fight through kicks to the body, kicks to the head, elliptical kicks to the knee, elbows to the head, and knees to the body just to be able to tie up with the champion. When DC got inside he was able to meet the champion with punishing uppercuts, but could never gain control of the larger man’s posture. Jones stayed upright throughout nearly the entire contest besides a momentary takedown in the fifth round; a takedown that Jones would not just get back up from, but Jones even took down the Olympian multiple times throughout the contest.

DC definitely did his best work in the first three rounds when he was fresh, was able to grind on Jones, and land powerful uppercuts. Jones seemed content to fight DC at his own game, and both engaged in a competitive, grueling war that pushed them both to their limits. Jones made great use of little strikes inside the clinch, and never let Cormier gain any sort of control. It was clear that Cormier struggled greatly against the champion’s much larger frame, and could never get anywhere close to Jones’ legs for a desired takedown.

In the end, the challenger began to slow down in the championship rounds, and Jones cruised his way to victory by taking the fatigued former heavyweight down, controlling him in the clinch, and punishing him with elbows everywhere the fight went. It was a grueling contest that featured lots and lots of clinch-fighting, wrestling, and dirt-boxing, which seemed like the fight that Cormier would dominate at, but in fact it was Jon Jones that was able to retain the belt and out-match his foe pretty much every step of the way.

In case you were wondering, it does not appear that the bad blood is over either as both fighters were throwing punches at the bell of the final round, and even a little afterwards. A classless gesture by Jones made the matters even worse. Nevertheless, it’s a great win for Jones who keeps his title and yet again beats another opponent at his own game. I think Cormier came in with the right game plan, and had some really good moments in the first half of the fight, but Jon’s physical features made it so Cormier had to work twice as hard which inevitably cost him the energy needed to sustain a consistent attack.

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