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Jon Jones on UFC 182 Win Over Daniel Cormier: “This Wasn’t The Toughest Fight of my Career”

Kelsey Mowatt

Jon jones

The consensus amongst fans and pundits was that Daniel Cormier would give Jon Jones his biggest test yet, and now that the light-heavyweight champ has defeated “DC”, does he think it was? No. No he does not.

Cormier certainly pushed Jones last night at UFC 182, but by the time the final bell sounded, there was little doubt that the “Bones” era wasn’t over.  If you watched the fight, then you know that Cormier buzzed the MMA world on several occasions by landing some hard punches, but Jones pulled ahead as the fight wore on by turning to his nasty clinch game and wrestling.

While speaking to FOX Sports 1 after the fight, here is some of what Jones had to say about the memorable battle and his performance.

“I’ve been blessed to have a good chin. He wasn’t hurting me with his shots. I was letting him land punches. He’s known to break when you don’t submit to his alpha, he slows down. He says he’s the king of the grind, but he’s not. I knew when the cardio was a factor, he’d look for a way out. This wasn’t the toughest fight of my career. Alexander Gustafsson was the toughest of my career.”

How about that? And chances are there are more than a few people who agree with Jones, in terms of the Gustafsson fight. Oh, and speaking of “The Mauler”, you can get his quick thoughts on Jones’ latest win by heading here.

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