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Lyoto Machida Says UFC Needs “Stronger” Title Shot Criteria

Kelsey Mowatt

Lyoto Machida

More than a few people seemed to be surprised when UFC boss man Dana White confirmed Anderson Silva could secure another title shot at UFC 183, and now Lyoto Machida has weighed-in.

Silva will take on Nick Diaz at the January 31st event, which will mark the first time the legendary middleweight has fought since December, 2013, when he broke his leg versus Chris Weidman. While many folks understood Silva wouldn’t have to go on an extended winning streak to lock up a rematch with the champ, White’s announcement caught a few people off guard.

“The Spider” is the sport’s consensus G.OA.T., but since he’s lost to Weidman twice, some folks believed the UFC would take a wait-and-see approach before handing him another title fight. Weidman is scheduled to face Vitor Belfort on February 28th.

Machida was recently asked about the situation while taking to the Brazilian outlet, and here is some of what the middleweight contender had to say (translation via Bloody

“I can’t say if it’s fair or unfair. Anderson has a big history behind him, his not a nobody. If Dana White says that he will fight for the title, I won’t contest. I just think that the criteria should be stronger and better defined but we have to move on. I’m not a guy to be complaining, I like to focus on my work.”

Chances are there are more than a few people who agree with Machida on this, as even though the UFC has introduced rankings, the title shot picture can be fuzzy at times. As we recently saw with Rory MacDonald.

“The Dragon” was also asked about the possibility of fighting his buddy Silva, and once again, Machida said he would, but that he’s not concerned with that right now. Machida is set to fight Luke Rockhold on April 18th at UFC on FOX 15.

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