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UFC’s Dana White Comments on Anderson Silva’s Failed Drug Test

Kelsey Mowatt

Anderson Silva

Shortly after news of Anderson Silva’s failed drug test broke, the Ultimate Fighting Championship released a statement confirming they’ve been notified of the development, and now a follow up statement from Dana White has been posted.

In response to reports that Silva allegedly tested positive for steroids, in a drug test leading up to UFC 183, the promotion’s president had this to say:

“Anderson Silva has been one of the greatest athletes this sport has ever seen. He has had a long and distinguished career in mixed martial arts. In his nine years with the UFC, Anderson has never tested positive for a banned substance. In light of this, we want to ensure that Anderson gets his due process and we will support him during this time. While this process plays out, Anderson will continue in his role as coach of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. Of course we will continue to monitor the actions of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“We fully support the Commission’s out-of-competition drug testing program, which we have financed when requested over the past two years. Testing of this nature is important to help keep the sport clean. The director at the laboratory in Salt Lake City has now explained the timing of Anderson’s test results and why the Commission and the UFC did not receive the results until February 3, after the fight.

“Once all the results have been made public and the Nevada State Athletic Commission has rendered its decision, we will respect the process and move forward accordingly.”

So, considering what Silva has accomplished throughout his storied career, and what he’s done for the UFC, it’s not surprising that White hasn’t thrown the fighter under the bus. Silva has also released a statement in which he denies taking PEDs, and vows to fight the “allegations”.

All this comes just days after Silva outscored Nick Diaz at UFC 183. The bout marked the first time Silva had fought since December, 2013, when he snapped his leg while fighting reigning middleweight champ Chris Weidman.

Following Silva’s win over Diaz, the soon to be 40 year-old fighter said he would discuss his future with his family, before committing to fighting again. Depending on how things unfold in the coming weeks, however, Silva may not be allowed to fight for a while, even if he wants to.


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