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UFC FN 60: Main Card Results and Play-by-Play

UFC FN 60: Main Card Results and Play-by-Play

Okay, the prelims are over for UFC FN 60, so lets move to the main card.

Ray Borg vs. Chris Kelades

Kelades charges in early but Borg quickly takes him down to the mat. Kelades looks for an armbar but Borg defends. Latter is in half guard but Kelades gets up, and takes Borg down. Borg works his way out and is turn, looking for the takedown along the fence. Borg throws Kelades down. Wow. Kelades gets to his feet but Borg picks him up and slams him down again. Crazy. Borg passes and jumps into a sidechoke. Kelades holds on until the end of the round.

Round 2: Kelades comes out aggressively once again. Borg pushes Kelades to the cage and throws him to the floor. Kelades is looking for subs off his back and is keeping Borg on the defensive. As that’s typed Borg plants a shot from above. Kelades takes another left hand and Borg moves to his back. Kelades is bleeding from his nose. Borg starts looking for a D’Arce. Kelades gives the thumbs up. Borg gives up the choke but is still on top. Wow. Borg goes for a guillotine but the round ends.

Round 3: Borg takes Kelades down right away after latter throws kick. Borg is in half guard of Kelades. Borg starts working a Kimura.  Wow. Kelades taps. Another impressive performance for Borg.

Ray Borg def. Chris Kelades via submission (kimura) R3: 2:56

Michel Prazeres vs. Kevin Lee 

Lee throws some kicks early but gets taken down. Prazeres is briefly caught in a guillotine choke but pops out. Lee gives up his back but gets back to his feet. Prazeres gives up the position and starts looking for a takedown. Lee breaks free and both men wing hard shots. Lee fires a couple of hard kicks to the body. Damn. Both guys are chucking hard punches. Lee is starting to find his range. Prazeres stumbles to the mat but Lee lets him up. Round ends.

Round 2: Lee lands a right and is keeping his hands down by his waist. Lee attempts a knee but Prazeres rushes in, briefly takes him to the mat. Prazeres pushes Lee to the cage once again. Takes some elbows to the back. Prazeres gets the takedown but Lee gets back up. Now Lee sweeps Prazeres to the mat. The latter works his way out but Lee shoots a nicely timed takedown. Lee is working from within the guard of Prazeres and lands some elbows from above. Round ends.

Round 3: Lee comes out aggressively despite the fact he reportedly told corner he can’t see out of his left eye. The two clinch up and Prazeres has back to cage. The two break and start firing punches. Lee is starting to taunt Prazeres–hands are down by his waist. Prazeres shoots in but takes a series of elbows for his efforts. Prazeres looks exhausted. Wow. Lee shoots in and easily takes Prazeres down. Lee moves to the side and starts tossing down punches. Prazeres gets back up but Lee throws him down to the mat. Lee is running away with the fight now. Lee takes Prazeres’ back and starts hunting for a RNC. Fight ends. Nice win for Lee.

Kevin Lee def. Michel Prazeres (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Daniel Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh

Both men are winging hard shots to begin the bout. Walsh lands a nice overhand left. The latter plants another left and a follow up right. Kelly counters with a left. Walsh is wobbled briefly but resumes pursuing Kelly. A lot of throw a punch / repeat same technique in this one. Walsh blasts in for a takedown a gets it right before round ends.

Round 2: Both middleweights staying busy with punches to begin the round. Walsh plants a couple of hard lefts but takes one in response. Bout is briefly halted since Kelly lost his mouthpiece. Kelly plants a good left. Kelly mixes in a kick attempt. Walsh shoots in but Kelly defends. Still not much in the way of combos. They flurry punches as round comes to an end.

Round 3: Fighters are welcomed by a few boos to begin round. Middleweights continue to fire shots. Crowd is getting more restless as neither man is landing any highlight reel blows. Kelly’s nose is bloodied. Kelly lands a stiff jab. Fight ends.

Daniel Kelly def. Patrick Walsh via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Neil Magny vs. Kiichi Kunimoto

Magny comes out and is stalking Kunimoto. Magny is landing the odd right hand and clinches up. Kunimoto takes a knee to the cup. Magny lands a knee that backs Kunimoto up. Magny storms in with a flurry of punches. Kunimoto clinches up. Mangy works his way out from the cage and pushes Kunimoto into it. Magny throws some shoulder strikes and breaks free. Magny throws a kick and then several more punches. Kunimoto is taking some hard knees to the body.

Round 2: Magny backs Kunimoto up with several punches and pushes him to the cage. Kunitomo works his way out, flurries in and clinches up. Kunimoto finally trips Magny to the mat. Kunimoto is trying to pass but is caught up in Magny’s half guard. Magny re-establishes guard and gets back to his feet not long after. Wow. Magny lands several hard shots in a violent exchange right after. Kunimoto is working on a Kimura but gets taken down to the mat. Magny is digging punches into the side of Kunimoto who gives up the Kimura. Magny takes Kunimoto’s back and starts firing down punches. Round ends.

Round 3: Kunimoto absorbs a bunch of punches to begin the round and gets taken down easily. Magny has Kunimoto’s back again and is taking more shots. Magny slaps on a rear-naked-choke and Kunimoto taps. Magny has won six straight. How about that folks?

Neil Magny def. Kiichi Kunimoto via submission (rear-naked-choke) R3, 1:22

Cole Miller vs. Max Holloway 

Holloway fires a leg kick to begin the bout. Miller returns the favour. Both featherweights are staying busy with kicks and punches. Holloway plants a hard kick to the body. Miller fires back with a kick to the leg. Miller throws a right and clinches up. Miller threatens to pull guard but abandons it. Miller comes in but takes a thumping counter right from Holloway. Action spills to the ground and Holloway is on top. Miller sweeps Holloway and then jumps on a leg. Nice. Holloway defends. Round ends.

Round 2: Miller chucks a couple of kicks to begin the round. They exchange jabs. Miller threatens with a head kick that misses. Miller is pursuing Holloway who is looking to counter. Miller shoots in for a takedown but can’t get it. Holloway throws a spinning backfist that glances of the head of Miller. Damn. The two clash heads and Miller is bleeding above the left eye. Fight is momentarily stopped. Holloway fires a head kick that misses. Holloway is pushing forward now but takes a thumping kick to the body. Holloway flurries and the two clinch up briefly. Miller seems to be really bothered by his eye. Holloway gets a takedown to end the round. Miller is claiming he was head butted again.

Round 3: Miller plants a nice left hand but Holloway is pressing forward. The latter lands a hard left. Miller takes a few shots and stumbles to the ground. Holloway lets him up. Holloway gets the better of a striking exchange. Miller is taking some hard shots. Miller eats a hard right but keeps firing back. Miller starts looking for a takedown and drops to his back. Holloway gets up and out. Holloway launches a series of acrobatic kicks before the fight ends.

Benson Henderson vs. Brandon Thatch 

Henderson fires a leg kick to begin the bout. Thatch is pursuing Henderson, who is charging in periodically. Henderson chucks a few more kicks and Thatch responds. “Smooth” blasts Thatch to the body with a punch, but takes a hard body kick. Thatch flurries in but stumbles to the ground after taking a front kick. Henderson continues to be light on his feet, is timing shots well, but Thatch continues to press forward. Thatch lands a couple of hard shots to the body. Henderson fires a nice leg kick. Henderson lands another digging right to the body of Thatch. Round ends.

Round 2: Henderson tries locking up but Thatch breaks free. Thatch continues to move forward. The latter lands a couple of leg kicks. Thatch threatens with a head kick but Henderson blocks it. Thatch is starting to find the mark more often. Henderson tries to go low but stumbles, takes a counter. Henderson lands a left and barely avoids a head kick. Thatch sweeps Henderson to the mat briefly. Thatch lands a couple more punches. Henderson gets pushed to the mat again but Thatch lets him up. Round ends.

Round 3: Henderson eats a hard jab early on. Henderson fires a head kick that lands but not flush. Thatch threatens with a couple of kicks. Henderson changes levels but can’t get the takedown. Henderson shoots in again but Thatch is defending. Henderson finally gets the takedown and in a scramble, takes Thatch’s back. Henderson is throwing shots down and hunting for a choke. Henderson goes for the armbar but Thatch scrambles out and back to his feet. Round ends.

Round 4: Both welterweights come out firing punches. Henderson digs to the body again and clinches up. Plenty of shots being fired considering this is round four. Henderson blasts in with a beautifully timed takedown. Thatch gives up his back again. Thatch almost scrambles out but Henderson maintains top position. Henderson is hammering down punches. Thatch nearly got to his feet but gets taken down. Wow. Henderson locks in the rear-naked-choke. Thatch taps. Fantastic performance for the former lightweight champ.

Benson Henderson def. Brandon Thatch submission (rear-naked-choke) R4: 3:58


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