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Now Brock Lesnar’s Leaning Against UFC Return According to Sources…

Brock Lesnar

Remember when a couple months back there was talk that Brock Lesnar could be preparing to make his UFC return? Well, according to a new report, sources say that may not be the case after all…

Yes, in December, it was reported that sources within the WWE believed that Lesnar was planning to make another MMA run. The insiders cited the fact that Lesnar had lost some weight, and because his WWE contract is expected to end soon, it was further evidence that the pro-wrestler could be planning a return to the UFC.

Fast forward to today, however, and veteran WWE commentator Jim Ross is reporting sources believe Lesnar is leaning towards staying with the WWE. In a recent blog post from Ross, he wrote:

Sources are saying that it looks more promising that Brock Lesnar could well stay with WWE past WrestleMania due to concerns over long term health affects of competing in MMA specifically concussion oriented issues later in one’s life. gain, these are ‘sources’ and how reliable they are can only be judged after WM31 and following the status of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. One thing is certain, if UFC believes, and rightfully so in my view, that CM Punk will sell PPV’s for at least his first two fights then what would a healthy Brock Lesnar mean to the UFC brand in a time where no combat sport company has a plethora of bona fide star power that can move the needle on the pay per view business.

Head trauma is definitely something to consider. Although, one can incur concussions while doing some ‘rasslin’ too no?

Now of course, considering Ross’s insider status in pro-wrestling, Lesnar could indeed be thinking about staying with the WWE. The 37 year-old heavyweight hasn’t fought since 2011, when he was violently stopped by Alistair Overeem. Although he could likely make a boat load of cash by returning to the UFC for a couple of big, PPV fights, does he need to go that route? And risk taking some brutal shots while doing so? Or, does he want to come back to the Octagon, at least one more time, now that he’s reportedly, fully recovered from diverticulitis?

Since Wrestlemania is right around the corner, chances are we’ll find out Lesnar’s plans soon enough.


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