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UFC 103 Live Results: Franklin-Belfort, dos Santos-Cro Cop, and More

Rich Franklin and Vitor BelfortWelcome to’s live coverage of UFC 103, which takes place today at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas and is headlined by a catchweight matchup between Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort.

The five-fight pay-per-view card also features Junior dos Santos vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg, while a one-hour Spike TV broadcast includes Cole Miller vs. Efrain Escudero and Tomasz Drwal vs. Drew McFedries.

Join beginning at 7pm ET for live coverage of the UFC 103 preliminary card, followed by main card coverage beginning at 9pm ET.

UFC 103 Results

  • Vitor Belfort def. Rich Franklin via KO — 3:02 Round 1
  • Junior Dos Santos def. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic via verbal submission (strikes) — 2:00 Round 3
  • Paul Daley def. Martin Kampmann via TKO — 2:31 Round 1
  • Josh Koscheck def. Frank Trigg via TKO — 1:25 Round 1
  • Tyson Griffin def. Hermes Franca via KO — 3:26 Round 2
  • Efrain Escudero def. Cole Miller via TKO — 3:36 Round 1
  • Tomasz Drwal def. Drew McFedries via submission (rear naked choke) — 1:03 Round 2
  • Jim Miller def. Steve Lopez via TKO (shoulder injury) — 0:48 Round 2
  • Nick Lentz def. Rafaello Oliveira via unanimous decision — 29-28 (2x), 30-27
  • Rick Story def. Brian Foster via submission (arm triangle) — 1:09 Round 2
  • Eliot Marshall def. Jason Brilz via split decision — 30-27 (2x), 27-30
  • Vladimir Matyushenko def. Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision — all three judges scored the bout 30-27
  • Rafael dos Anjos def. Rob Emerson via unanimous decision — all three judges scored the bout 30-27

UFC 103 Live Commentary

  • Vitor Belfort vs. Rich Franklin: Both fighter came out tentatively and took a couple minutes to feel one another out. As the round began to wind down, the two fighters became to throw punches more frequently, and Belfort connect a stiff right followed by a strong left cross dropping Franklin to his knees. Belfort then finished off the fight with more punches to the downed Franklin’s head, forcing referee Yves Lavigne to stop the fight.
  • Junior dos Santos vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic: The two heavyweight kept the fight on the feet in the first round. Both fighters landed solid shots throughout the round. Filipovic bloodied the face of dos Santos, and dos Santos had Filipovic covering up in the corner at one point in the round. In the second round, both fighters continued the striking display, at times standing toe to toe, others engaging selectively. Two minutes in however, dos Santos began to take over the fight doing a majority of the striking, while Filipovic mostly covered up to avoid dos Santos’ strikes, and pushed him away when he got in close. With under a minute left in the second Filipovic landed an inadvertent kick to dos Santos’ groin which caused a pause in the action. Just before the end of the round, dos Santos opened a cut of Filipovic’s left eye. In the third round, both men came out and exchanged combinations, with dos Santos seeming getting the better of them. The fighters stepped back, reset, and exchanged strikes, eventually clinching. In the clinch, dos Santos landed some knees to Filipovic’s head as well an uppercut to his eyes, which lead to Filipovic calling off the bout.
  • Martin Kampmann vs. Paul Daley: The two fighter exchanged strikes on the feet, with both men connecting with solid punches. Daley rocked Kampmann a couple times with both rights and lefts, while Kampmann attempted to clinch as well as take Daley down with single legs. Daley however escaped Kampmann’s clinch as well as take down attempts and landed a solid left that wobbled Kampmann. Daley then followed that punch up with several more strikes to the head putting Kampmann out on his feet. Referee Yves Lavigne then stepped in and stopped the fight. Kampmann protested the stoppages, but was not as animated as other fighters sometimes are when they feel they are stopped early.
  • Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg: Koscheck and Trigg open the bout exchanging strikes on the feet. Shortly into the bout, Koscheck inadvertently caught Trigg on the back of the head, then followed it up with a right hook to the chin that dropped Trigg. Once on the mat, Koscheck landed three strong clean right hands forcing referee Leon Roberts to call a stop to the contest.
  • Hermes Franca vs. Tyson Griffin: The two lightweights engaged in a tentative stand up battle for the first round, and some light clinch work. Franca and Griffin came out swinging for the fences at the start of the second, before settling into a pace more similar to the first. However, around three minutes into the round Griffin dropped Franca with a straight right hand. He then overwhelmed Franca with strikes while Franca desperately attempted to catch Griffin in a submission. Griffin continued to strike Franca, eventually forcing referee Dan Miragliotta to call a stop to the bout.
  • Efrain Escudero vs. Cole Miller: The two lightweight fighters begin the round feeling each other out in the stand up. As the round progressed Escudero put Miller on the mat a couple times and seemed to get the better of the striking. Miller continued to try to work his reach advantage, however Escudero eventually connected with a strong right that puts Miller down. Escudero then jumped in with more strikes forcing referee Yves Lavigne to stop the fight.
  • Thomasz Drwal vs. Drew McFedries: McFedries and Drwal begin the bout exchange punches in the center of the Octagon. Both middleweights were wobbled at times during the round. Towards the end of the round McFedries seems to pull guard, only to end up mounted by Drwal, and eventually gave up his back before the round ended. In the second round the fighters come out exchanging, but then Drwal takes McFedries down and shortly locks in a rear naked choke, ending the fight.
  • Jim Miller vs. Steve Lopez: Miller and Lopez put on a show in the first round, exchanging punches that wobbled both men at one point or another. Miller twice attempted submissions in the first round, but Lopez escaped both. In the second there was very little action, when Lopez motioned to the referee that he could not continue. A replay showed that he dislocated his shoulder throwing a punch.
  • Brian Foster vs. Rick Story: The two fighters put on a show in the first round, both exchanging blows on the feet, and on the ground. Though part of the round Story controlled Foster from top position on the ground. In the second round the two fighters begin exchanging on the feet again, before Story takes the fight to the ground. Story shortly works his way into a fight ending arm triangle.


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