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California Commission Issues Memo About Dangers of Weight Cutting

Renan Barao

While performance enhancing drugs are the hot button topic right now in MMA, and for understandable reasons, another concerning issue is extreme weight cutting.

Not only have bad weight cuts resulted in the loss of high profile fights–likeĀ Renan Barao’s withdrawal from UFC 177–but extreme weight cutting can result in significant health risks.

Well, in response to the recent rash of bad weight cuts, the California State Athletic Commission has issued a memo, which outlines the dangers that are tied to weight cutting. In addition, the memo includes tips on how fighters can cut weight in a safe and productive manner.

The memo comes shortly before UFC Fight Night 61 goes down in Porto, Alegre, in Brazil. You may have heard that TJ Waldburger passed out shortly before the weigh-ins yesterday, and has been pulled from the card. Waldburger has relayed on Sqor that his weight cut was going well before the incident…

The memo is posted below.

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