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UFC 74 Live Results

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Quick Results

Live round-by-round coverage

Clay Guida def. Marcus Aurelio via split decision

Round 1: The first round is like many expected as both fighters land several hard shots. After several solid Aurelio jabs Guida lands a hard left hook late in the first round to put Aurelio to the mat but nothing comes of it. scores the round 10-9 for Clay Guida.

Round 2: The second round has Guida as the aggressor with Aurelio attempting to pull guard several times. Aurelio scored a takedown later in the round but Guida reversed the attempt to take the top position. The round finished with Guida throwing punches and elbows as Aurelio maintained guard until the end of the round. scores round 2 10-9 for Guida.

Round 3: Guida comes out swinging and trying to tee off on Aurelio but he keeps backing off from the attempts. Guida has several solid shots scattered throughout the round but nothing major connects. scores the final round 10-9 for Guida. The judges award the win to Guida via (a surprising) split decision with two judges seeing it 30-27 for Guida and one judge scoring it 29-28 for Aurelio.

Thales Leites def. Ryan Jensen via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 3:47

Round 1: Jensen opens with a high kick and some solid punches. Leites counters with some combinations of his own but Jensen counters with a strong flurry to take Leites down. Jensen has a guillotine but Leites escapes the attempt. Jensen puts Leites down again and utilizes some ground and pound but ends up in Leites’ guard. Thales works on several different submissions finally locking in an armbar to force Jensen to tap at 3:47 of the first round.

Frank Mir def. Antoni Hardonk via submission (kimura) – Round 1, 1:17

Round 1: Mir sends Hardonk to the mat after a brief exchange. Hardonk looks to take a hold of Mir’s arm but the former UFC champion gets out. After escaping Mir gets a hold of Hardonk and gets a Kimura that finishes the fight at 1:17 of round number one.

Renato Sobral def. David Heath via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2, 3:30

Round 1: Sobral scores an early takedown and unleashes on Heath with very aggressive ground striking. Heath escapes the barrage from Sobral and reverses to score a take down of “Babalu”. Heath works with ground and pound on Sobral but its neutralized as he maintains guard for the remainder of the round. scores the round 10-9 for Sobral.

Round 2: After a brief clinch to start the round Sobral takes Heath down again and goes for the ground and pound again opening a cut on Heath. “Babalu” cinches in a modified guillotine choke on Heath midway through the second round to bring an end to the fight. Sobral refuses to give up the choke on Heath forcing the ref to pull him off and the crowd to boo. The impressive effort by Sobral is tarnished due to his refusal to remove the submission.

Patrick Cote def. Kendall Grove via TKO – Round 1, 4:45

Round 1: Cote is the aggressor early on throwing a few punches before the clinch against the cage. Grove is landing some inside knees on Cote ad is getting the better of the clinch but neither fighter is doing much as Grove is pinned against the cage. After is remains stalled Herb Dean separates them and restarts the fight in the middle of the octagon. Grove lands a big body kick and Cote smiles before countering with a kick of his own. They lock up again but its Cote against the cage until he reverses. They remain clinched with Grove seeming to be getting the best of the exchanges. Cote picks him up for a takedown but is unable to complete it as Grove escapes and they remain standing. Kendall lands a solid right followed by a head kick that Cote defends well. After Kendall shoots in Cote defends and shoots for his own takedown and throws a right that connects to the side of Grove’s head. Cote pounces and lands several more shots, attempts a rear naked choke, then throws more punches. Grove fails to defend himself resulting in a TKO victory for Cote with 15-seconds remaining in round number one.

Joe Stevenson def. Kurt Pellegrino via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Round 1: They trade light combinations early as they test the water. Pellegrino shoots in on Stevenson and gets caught in a poor guillotine and pulls out rather quickly. Pellegrino remains in full guard until Stevenson reverses and takes Pellegrino’s back. They stand but Steveneson quickly controls his back yet again before transitioning to a guillotine but Pellegrino escapes again. Pellegrino gets momentary side control against the cage but Stevenson regains guard quickly. Pellegrino has little options as he remains in full guard near the edge of the octagon. Pellegrino turns up the heat with some elbows and strikes on the ground. A late shot by Pellegrino dazes Stevenson as the first round ends. scores round one 10-9 for Kurt Pellegrino.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with a similar pace to the first round as they remain standing for the first 2 minutes. Stevenson connects with a solid punch that sends Pellegrino down but he quickly stands up before he is taken to the ground. Pellegrino maintains guard as Stevenson works with strikes one of which opens a small cut. Stevenson works on several more submission attempts after Pellegrino reverses to the top position. Pellegrino lands a few solid shots before the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Stevenson.

Round 3: They trade sloppy strikes early in the round before they clinch. Pellegrino eventually scores a takedown but the fight stalls as Pellegrino is stopped in Stevenson’s guard. The fight gets stood up and Stevenson gets a takedown. Pellegrino quickly changes the pace getting a guillotine in while on the ground but Stevenson comes on strong late in the round with several near stoppages but Pellegrino weathers it strongly to survive the round and force the fight to a decision. scores the final round 10-9 for Joe Stevenson. The judges score the bout 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for Joe Stevenson to earn him a unanimous decision.

Roger Huerta def. Alberto Crane via TKO – Round 3, 1:50

Round 1: Both fighters trade early kicks and strikes. The fight goes to the ground, a definite advantage for Crane, but its Huerta who looks for several submissions including a guillotine but the jiu jitsu expert escapes and goes to work on the ground against Huerta. Huerta escapes the attempt and drops some punches from the top as Crane continues to look for limbs to work submissions on. Huerta is nearly caught in an armbar but gives up his dominant position to escape the hold. Huerta regains half guard a Crane pressures from the dominant position. He moves to side control and then looks to take Huerta’s back successfully completing the move. Huerta escapes and unleashes a combo on Crane but he recovers and looks for a guillotine but it’s not under the chin as Huerta pulls away. The very close round comes to an scores the round 10-9 for Roger Huerta.

Round 2: The fight quickly goes to the ground again and Crane looks for a leg but Huerta just reigns down punches in attempt. Crane continues to look for submissions working on an omoplata and an ankle lock but neither works. Alberto takes side control and then transitions to Huerta’s back. Huerta escapes and walks away so Crane shoots for a takedown but Huerta counters with several hard kicks that send Crane to the mat and give Huera the dominant position. Crane continues to weather the punches that Huerta is throwing and gets control of Huerta’s arm but it isn’t quite enough to stop it and they scramble away. Huerta regains a top position and works to pass guard mounting Crane eventually taking his back. Crane escapes but he’s gassed and the round ends with Crane looking as though he will pass out. scores the round 10-9 for Roger Huerta.

Round 3: A quick body kick by Huerta sends the tired Crane to the ground. He struggles to get up as the energized Huerta continues to push the fight. Crane gets a leg on Huerta and takes his back and Huerta is in a bad position. In an interesting move Huerta uses the big screen to find Crane and throw elbows. Huerta reverses and mounts an exhausted Crane. He throws a few punches but the gassed Crane is unable to defend and the fight is stopped.

Georges St. Pierre def. Josh Koscheck via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 1: St. Pierre takes Koscheck down early in the first and Kos maintains guard momentarily before he passes to half-guard. He remains in half guard throwing some shots to the head but Koscheck does a good job of preventing him from passing into side control. Full guard is regained as they continue to work on the ground with GSP attempting to pass but Koscheck escapes against the cage. St. Pierre regains control on the ground and lands some solid body shots. Very little landing so far as GSP keeps Koscheck on the ground. Koscheck gets up and takes St. Pierre to the ground. St. Pierre has full guard as they work near the cage.Koscheck momentarily passes guard but it is quickly regained. Very little going on in the first round save a minor punch by Koscheck late just before the round ends. scores round 1 10-9 for Georges St. Pierre.

Round 2: GSP starts the round with a left and kick before he takes Koscheck to the ground. Georges works on a series of kimuras throughout the round as he controls nearly the entire round on the ground with several big takedowns and near submissions. Koscheck successfully defends all of his attempts but GSP wins another round 10-9.

Round 3: Koscheck is desperate throwing wild punches in attempts of connecting. St. Pierre continues the domination with solid leg kicks and eventually takes to the mat again in Koschecks guard. His surprising domination on the ground continues in the final round as St. Pierre lands several additional elbows and goes for a leg lock late in the round. St. Pierre. scores the final round 30-27 for St. Pierre. The judges award the unanimous decision win to GSP.

Randy Couture def. Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO – Round 3, 1:37

Round 1: They start to test the waters with Couture getting the best of early exchanges. Couture goes for a takedown and nearly gets it but Gonzaga sprawls. Couture backs off and lands a left to take Gonzaga to the ground. He takes his back but they go back to their feet and clinch against the cage. They have another strong exchange of blogs with Gonzga landing several solid shots before Couture clinches again. They go down very briefly before clinching again. Gonzaga seems to be in the swing on things now with his striking. Gonzaga keeps the fight standing as Couture pins him against the cage. Gonzaga is pouring blood from his nose making this fight even more difficult. Gonzaga’s entire face is bloodied as we enter the final minute of the first round. Couture keeps the fight locked against the cage as he throws shoulders to the face of Gonzaga. Randy throws an elbow and a hard left. Gonzaga looks to be short of breath before the first round even ends due to the blood he has in his his mouth. scores the round 10-9 for Couture.

Round 2: Randy starts strong again as Gonzaga is forced to breathe from his mouth. Gonzaga is unable to see and requests a break from the referee but after a quick eye cleaning the fight continues. They resume the position but Herb Dean immediately deducts a point from Gonzaga for grabbing the fence. Couture hammers away as the bout resumes teeing off on Gonzaga as blood pours from his face. Couture unleashes more uppercuts and Gonzaga forces him off momentarily but “The Natural” rushes back in to pin him on the fence. The remainder of the round is spent on the fence with Gonzaga looking for a late takedown that Couture defends. scores the second round 10-8 for Couture.

Round 3: Gonzaga opens this round much stronger landing a hard kick to Couture but Couture is relentless. The champion pins Gonzaga against the fence then takes the Brazilian to the ground. Couture mounts Gonzaga and reigns down punches. Herb Dean issues warnings to Gonzaga to defend himself but Couture is relentless and the fight is stopped. Randy Couture defeats Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO to retain the UFC Heavyweight Championship.


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