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UFC 184: Main Card Results And Play-by-Play

Ronda Rousey

With the prelims over, which featured some pretty, pretty sweet action, let’s move to the UFC 184 main card. The pay-per-view will feature bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey taking on Cat Zingano.

Gleison Tibau vs. Tony Ferguson 

Tibau fires a head kick, slips to the mat, and gets back up. Ferguson throws a leg kick but eats a left hook. Ferguson plants a stiff jab and Tibau stumbles to ground. Latter gets back up. Each guy is chucking and Tibau gets stunned by a right straight. Tibau shoots in but counters with a choke. Tibau defends but is taking shots from above. Ferguson sinks in a rear-naked-choke and that’s a wrap. What a performance for the former TUF winner.

Tony Ferguson def. Gleison Tibau via submission (rear-naked-choke) R1, 2:37

Alan Jouban vs. Richard Walsh

Walsh comes out pursuing Jouban and plants a nice body kick. Jouban starts throwing a kick but gets pushed to the cage. Jouban reverses and chucks a hard kick to the body. Both men are winging hard kicks and punches. Walsh drives a hard punch to the body but takes a hard kick to the liver. Crazy. In the follow up action, Jouban wobbled Walsh with a cracking elbow and then hurt him again with a big punch. “Big John” McCarthy jumps in to save Walsh from another shot.

Alan Jouban def. Richard Walsh via KO (elbow and punches) R1, 2:19

Jake Ellenberger vs. Josh Koscheck

The welterweights come out chucking shots. Both are firing hard jabs. Koscheck times a double leg beautifully. Ellenberger pops back to his feet but has back to his cage. Koscheck with some foot stomps and knees to the body. Ellenberger works his way out. Ellenberger lands a couple nice jabs. Koscheck seems hesitant. Ellenberger plants a right hand. “Kos” eats another right. Round ends.

Round 2: Koscheck charges in looking for the takedown immediately. Ellenberger defends but is back against the cage again. “Kos” is still fighting for the takedown but can’t get it. Ellenberger just misses with a huge overhand right. “Kos” is motioning like he took a poke to the eye. Ellenberger lands another jab. “Kos” fires off a left. “Kos” is starting to wear all these shots. “Kos” drives in with another takedown attempt but can’t get it. Ellenberger starts threatening with a choke. Wow. “Kos” dropps and tries to roll out of it, but after several moments, he has to tap. Big, big win for Ellenberger.

Jake Ellenberger def. Josh Koscheck via submission (north-south choke) R2, 4:20

Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington

Holm throws a sidekick that misses. Pennington tries shooting in but Holm defends. Holm fires a left hand. Pennington changes levels again but gets pushed to the cage. Pennington throws a leg kick. Holm with another sidekick. Pennington plants another leg kick. Pennington tries clinching up but gets pushed back. Holm wings a head kick but it gets blocked. Pennington clinches up. Holm works her way out. Holm continues to lead in terms of volume. Pennington charges in; Holm fires off another sidekick and the round ends.

Round 2: Holm launches a head kick that misses. Holm continues to fire away but isn’t landing much in terms of telling punches. Wow. Holm fires another kick that just misses. Holm charges in but Pennington lands a couple of counter shots. Another sidekick from Holm. Pennington blocks the latest high kick attempt. Holm is firing away with her jab. Pennington attempts a level change but Holm moves away. Both women fire off punches. Holm drives a punch to the body. The two clinch up briefly. Pennington rushes in, fires off a right hand and the round ends.

Round 3: Pennington wings a leg kick. Holm returns the favor. Pennington is stepping up her attacks. Pennington absorbs a hard, lead uppercut. Holm plants a right hand. Holm with a few kicks and Pennington returns fire. Pennington drives a right into Holm’s head. Holm chucks another high kick that’s blocked. Holm fires off another lead uppercut. Pennington lands a right and Holm stumbles to the mat, but she gets right back up. Holm appears to be fine; lands a knee to the body. Holm throws another high kick that’s blocked. Pennington counters nicely with a right hand. Holm is bleeding from her nose. Holm with another high kick attempt. Pennington launches another right hand but it’s likely too little, too late. Round comes to an end.

Holly Holm def. Raquel Pennington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano

Zingano comes out, throws a knee, but in the ensuing scramble winds up on the bottom. Rousey rolls beautifully into an armbar and gets the tap…un-effin-believable.

Ronda Rousey def. Cat Zingano via submission (straight-armbar) R1, 0:14


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