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UFC 184 Results: Yamamoto eye poke results in No Contest

UFC 184

After a round and a half of action, the bantamweight fight between Kid Yamamoto and Roman Salazar in the UFC 184 undercard ends in an anti-climactic way. Midway through the second round, Kid landed an inadvertent eye poke on Salazar. After taking five minutes to try and recover, Salazar still could not see out of his left eye, and the fight was put to a stop.

Yamamoto utilized much of his footwork throughout the first round and a half, and avoided much of Salazar’s offense. Yamamoto out-struck Salazar 13 to 3 in the first round, and looked to be doing the same in the second round. Salazar landed one takedown in the second round, but Kid got up immediately. While Yamamoto looked to be landing the better strikes, Salazar showcased solid defense and avoided the power of the Krazy Bee representative. The eye poke came at just over two minutes into the second round as Yamamoto framed out with his right hand while Salazar ran right into it. Salazar took his full time, but still couldn’t see out of his eye after the doctor looked at it. While the crowd in the Staples Center didn’t like Salazar’s choice to not continue, one has to admire the intelligence of not inviting serious injury into the matter.

A lot of questions were raised about whether or not Yamamoto would be able to compete at 37 years of age, especially after the long and prosperous career he produced in Japan, but from what we saw, Kid looked slick and smooth on his feet despite not landing anything too significant. It’ll be interesting to see how he does from here.


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